The best bamboo tea box

Lauren Corona

A bamboo tea box is an excellent gift for a tea lover in your life.

Do you routinely waste precious time ransacking messy cupboards to look for the exact blend of tea you want to brew? You may find a bamboo tea box helps you organize your tea collection, so it's easier to find what you want, when you want it.

In this guide to bamboo tea boxes, you'll find all the relevant information to select the best one for you, plus some recommendations of our favorites. Our top pick is the Kwijns Kreations Solid Bamboo Tea Box, which is well-made and spacious, holding roughly 120 tea bags.

Considerations when choosing bamboo tea boxes


Bamboo tea boxes may either have solid bamboo lids or clear lids (made from acrylic or glass) with a bamboo frame. If the inside of your tea box is likely to be messy, you might prefer a solid lid to keep the contents under wraps. Clear glass or acrylic lids are great if you want to show off your tea collection even when the lid is closed. Bamboo tea boxes with glass lids (rather than acrylic) are generally on the pricey side. While they look good, they can break if dropped.

Compartments and capacity

Check out both the number of compartments and the overall capacity. A greater number of compartments doesn't necessarily mean a greater capacity, as a box with more compartments could be shallower than one with less, meaning it likely holds fewer tea bags. It's a good idea to think about how many tea bags you will need to store and whether you'll want to stick to one variety per compartment to make your tea bags easier to find.

Display vs. storage

Consider whether you want a utilitarian bamboo tea box that's solely for storage or an attractive box that you'd be proud to display on the counter or when you invite friends round for tea. This will make a difference to the type of box that you ultimately choose.



Want to keep all your teatime essentials in one place? Some bamboo tea boxes have small drawers set into them that you can use for storing teaspoons, infusers, and other small tea-making accessories.

Adjustable compartments

You can find tea boxes with adjustable interior compartments, so you can set them up in the best possible way to store your tea collection. This is especially handy if you have any nonstandard-sized tea bags or you want to store tins of loose tea or tea accessories inside the box.


If you want a more ornate bamboo tea box than your average option, find one that's etched or printed with patterns or designs. Some companies will even personalize your tea box for you.


The majority of bamboo tea boxes cost somewhere between $15 and $50. More expensive options generally have extra features, such as drawers or glass lids.


Q. Can I store loose tea in a bamboo tea box?

A. Bamboo tea boxes are generally designed for bagged tea. Loose tea should be stored in tins or other air-tight containers. However, if you can find small tins for your loose tea, you can store these tins inside your bamboo tea box. This is easier if you have a box with adjustable compartments.

Q. What should I consider when refilling my bamboo tea box?

A. You want to keep your tea bags as fresh as possible, especially if they're not individually packaged. As such, you should either wait until your tea box is completely empty to refill it, or remove any of the remaining tea bags and replace them at the top of the box after refilling it with newer tea bags, so that you use the older ones first.

Bamboo tea boxes we recommend

Best of the best: Kwijns Kreations' Solid Bamboo Tea Box

Our take: A gorgeous, sturdy tea box that holds approximately 120 tea bags in 8 compartments

What we like: Clear window in the lid. Side drawer holds teaspoons or other small accessories. Magnetic lid closure.

What we dislike: The drawer can stick a little.

Best bang for your buck: Oceanstar's Bamboo Tea Box

Our take: You'll be surprised at the quality of this bamboo tea box considering its low price.

What we like: Divided into 8 equal compartments. Clear acrylic lid. Feels sturdy yet lightweight. Lid closes with a magnet to keep it secure.

What we dislike: Some boxes arrive with a strong odor and need to be aired out before use.

Choice 3: Cookbook People's Multikeep Adjustable Tea Box

Our take: We love the adjustable compartments that give you more flexibility over how you store your tea or for storing tins of loose tea.

What we like: Holds up to 128 tea bags, depending on configuration. Fully constructed from bamboo (aside from metal hardware). Personalized options available.

What we dislike: Dividers can be tight for the slots but only in a minority of cases.

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