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Peter McPherson

Though the shuttlecock is one of the fastest-moving objects in any sport, badminton can be very casual and is a lot of fun with a mixed group of children and adults.

Badminton is a classic backyard sport that can be casual or competitive, making it an excellent source of entertainment for children and adults. Most badminton sets are fairly affordable, but the number of rackets, birdies, and other accessories they include may vary. A basic set often comes with the net, two rackets, and two birdies (or shuttlecocks), but for larger groups, you may want a set with four rackets and extra birdies.

Some badminton sets may have nets sturdy enough to handle volleyball and may even include a volleyball. For example, our favorite badminton set by Baden includes provisions for both volleyball and badminton.

Despite the simplicity of the sport, setting up the net can be challenging depending on the design, so you should consider the ease of setup when purchasing a badminton set. Read on for more information.

Considerations when choosing badminton sets

Choose a badminton set based on your yard size, how frequently you plan to play, and how many people you want to accommodate in one match.


Some net poles are telescoping, while others have separate pieces that snap together. Both are fairly straightforward, but some people prefer one style over the other for purposes of setting up the net.  


While the standard badminton net has a height of 2'6" and a width of 20', some nets are smaller to allow children to play comfortably. If you have a smaller yard, consider a child-size badminton set.

Freestanding nets

Freestanding nets have a central base that supports the poles that hold the net. Not only are these easy to set up, but they also take up less space in your yard than sets that require stakes and tethers to support the poles and net.

Tethered nets

Tethered nets tend to be more stable than most freestanding nets, and most sets that can be used for volleyball are tethered to keep the net from falling over when it is hit by a fast-moving ball.



A badminton set that you can easily bring to the beach or the park can make any outing more fun. Many sets include carrying cases, which help keep everything in one place when it's time to put your set away for storage.


The rackets included in badminton sets vary in quality and quantity. Make sure you have enough rackets for your group and that they will hold up to your play style. A thicker grip and lower string tension allows for the most power behind your swings.


An entry-level badminton set for casual backyard play can be found for $50 or below. Mid-range sets typically cost between $50 to $100 and often have sturdy metal poles that allow for badminton or volleyball. Professional sets cost from $100 to $250 and are made from heavy-duty materials that allow for a freestanding setup.

Additional accessories

Consider purchasing additional shuttlecocks, rackets, and grip wraps before you spend an afternoon playing badminton. Rackets and shuttlecocks can both take some wear after a few hours of play, especially if you opt for a less-expensive set.


Q. Can badminton be played barefoot?

A. While it may be tempting, players should use closed-toed shoes to avoid injuring themselves on the poles or stakes.

Q. How many people does it take to set up a badminton set?

A. While most sets can easily be set up by one person, an extra pair of hands may be necessary for heavier sets.

Badminton sets we recommend

Best of the best: Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set

Our take: This set stands out for its extremely sturdy design and ease of setup and tear-down. The volleyball and birdies are not the best quality, but the net holds up well.

What we like: With everything you need for volleyball and badminton, this is one of the best value sets available.

What we dislike: You may need to replace the volleyball and birdies after a handful of games.

Best bang for your buck: Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

Our take: This low-priced set holds up well and has a unique design that eliminates the need for strings and stakes to hold up the net. A few customers note early wear on the poles, but customer service has been quick to replace the poles.

What we like: The affordable price and easy setup make this a great set to keep around for parties.

What we dislike: The flimsy poles are a frustrating issue.

Choice 3: Yonex Racket Combo Set

Our take: This smaller set is a great option for a two-player match of badminton, and assembly is straightforward. If you want to play with more than four people, you will need more rackets and may want to consider a larger net.

What we like: The carrying bag and low price make this a great value set.

What we dislike: The shuttlecocks are low in quality and may not last very long.

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