The best baby monitor with an app

Stephanie Jarrett

Baby monitors with cameras and smartphone apps enable you to watch over your slumbering child from anywhere in your home.

Baby monitors with a phone app

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when to check on a sleeping baby, a parent would tiptoe to the nursery, open the door and hope it doesn’t squeak, and then creep silently to the baby’s crib to check that they’re sleeping soundly. Then the parent had to noiselessly leave the nursery without waking the baby. Escaping without rousing the baby was quite a feat.

Nowadays, parents can monitor a sleeping baby directly from their smartphones with a camera and an app. No need to wonder if your baby is sleeping soundly — you can get video confirmation of the baby’s slumber with a tap of your phone.

But with so many baby monitors on the market, how do you know which is the right fit for you?

What is a baby monitor?

Simply put, a baby monitor is designed to allow you to keep a watchful eye on a slumbering baby from elsewhere in your home. There’s a camera (and sometimes a wearable device) installed in the baby’s nursery and then a monitor that stays with you at all times that allows you to keep tabs on the sleeping child. Baby monitors oftentimes come with a portable video or audio device, but, more commonly now, you can download an app on your smartphone that lets you interact with the camera in the child’s room over WiFi.

Some factors to consider when choosing the monitor that best works for you:

  • Do you have WiFi in the home?
  • Do you want the baby to use a wearable device to monitor sleeping and breathing?
  • Do you want a corded or cordless camera? (Cords can be hazardous for toddlers).
  • Do you have an area in the room to mount a camera and the necessary equipment?

If you sleep in the same room as your baby or live in a small home, a baby monitor may be a piece of baby equipment you skip altogether. But if you’ve decided a monitor is a must-have for peace of mind while your baby sleeps, we’ve rounded up your best bets.

The best baby monitors with phone apps

Best of the best baby monitors

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: available at Amazon
If you’re looking for a baby monitor with a plethora of features to help you analyze your baby’s sleep, this is it. The Nanit app that comes with the monitor allows you to look at sleep stats each morning that help you analyze how much rest your baby is getting. Humidity and temperature stats let you know the nursery is as comfortable as possible for your slumbering baby.

Lumi by Pampers Smart Video Baby Monitor: available at Buy Buy Baby
This baby monitor boasts the best image quality on the market. It comes complete with night vision capabilities and allows a wide-angle view of the nursery. On the Lumi app, you can monitor the temperature and humidity of the nursery, and the app features continuous audio monitoring, meaning that even if you’re playing a game on your smartphone or have the phone locked, the app will let you listen to the sounds of your slumbering child.

Best of the Best baby monitors with wearables

Sense-U Video and Breathing Baby Monitor 2: available at Amazon
This monitor has an attachment that clips to your child’s diaper and lets you know about your baby’s breathing, body temperature and sleep position. The sensor monitors your child’s vitals and sends you alerts if something is off.

Owlet Monitor Dual Smart Sock 3 + Camera: available at Buy Buy Baby
The Owlet baby monitor comes with a sock to fit over your baby’s foot and monitors their oxygen level. The Owlet app can then notify you if something is worrisome about your baby’s breathing or sleeping patterns. The app can also let you know if the temperature of the nursery is comfortable for your baby or if they aren’t moving enough, allowing you peace of mind while your child rests.

Baby monitors under $200

iBaby Care M7 Smart WiFi Digital Video Baby Monitor: available at Buy Buy Baby
This monitor costs less than $200 and comes with a few features you don’t see on other monitors. Not only can you watch the baby as they sleep, you can cast moonlight images onto the ceiling or walls of the nursery with the attached moonlight soother and play lullabies and stories right from the app.

Invidyo Baby Monitor: available at Buy Buy Baby
This monitor’s app comes with AI-powered crying detection and pushes the notification to your phone to let you know your baby is upset. Daily summary videos in the app let you see how much your baby is actually sleeping. The app also enables you to control the camera lens right from your phone.

VTech Smart WiFi Baby Monitor: available at Amazon
Receive motion and temperature alerts to your smartphone on the VTech app with this baby monitor. It also lets you play lullabies or soothe your baby with ambient noise via the app. Wide-angle lenses let you get a full view of your baby’s nursery.

Motorola Connect360 by Hubble Video Baby Monitor: available at Amazon
This baby monitor comes with a camera, monitor and an app for your phone so you can use your phone and monitor your baby simultaneously. Use the app to pan the room with a few taps to keep an eye on what’s happening in the nursery as your baby sleeps. 

Arlo Baby Monitor: available at Amazon
This monitor’s camera doubles as a nightlight to provide ambient light in the nursery. It also monitors the room’s temperature and humidity and has music so you can play a lullaby to your baby to help them fall asleep at night.

Baby monitors under $100

MOBI MobiCam Multipurpose Baby Monitoring System: available at Buy Buy Baby
If you’re simply looking for a baby monitor that lets you keep eyes on your baby while they sleep in a different room, this is the monitor for you. Coming in well below $50, this camera plus app has motion detection and a clear picture as the baby rests. You can also place cameras in other rooms of the house and monitor multiple cameras in the app.

Nooie Baby Monitor: available at Amazon
This monitor works with Alexa and has two-way audio capabilities. It also sends alerts to your phone when motion is detected by the camera. Night vision and 360-degree motion tracking make this monitor — which costs less than $50 — a great, inexpensive option for your nursery.

Cloud Baby Monitor: available at Amazon
If you don’t want more devices in your home, the Cloud Baby Monitor works with what you already have. Simply download the app onto two different devices and leave one in the baby’s room while they slumber. With a $5 price tag, this concept keeps the clutter to a minimum and doesn’t break the bank.

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