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Kyle Schurman

Android phones often feature a Rapid Charging feature, but you have to activate it in the phone’s settings before it begins working.

When considering smartphones, you have two primary options: an Apple iPhone or an Android phone. Android is Google's operating system and operates many different brands and models of smartphones.

Because the Android OS is used on so many different phone models, finding the right Android phone for your needs can be challenging. Start by thinking about how you want to use the phone and what features are important to you. For quite a few users, especially those interested in photography, we believe the Huawei Mate 20 Lite SNE-LX3 is the best choice.

Considerations when choosing Android phones

As you're comparing various Android phones, start with the following items. These are important to your long-term enjoyment of the device:

Battery: To truly enjoy your Android smartphone, you want a model that has a long battery life. Few things are as frustrating as having the phone's battery expire before the day ends. The majority of Android phones are guaranteed for at least 12 hours of performance, but some last 30 hours or longer between charges.
Camera: With such a large number of people choosing to use a smartphone as their only camera, an Android phone needs to be great at photography. Cameras with high megapixel counts of 16MP or greater deliver sharp image quality. The lens aperture in the Android phone camera is important, too. An aperture with a small f number gives you some great photography options.
Screen: If you're someone who wants to stream video on your Android phone, screen size and resolution are key. Larger screens with at least a full HD resolution deliver the best quality for video streaming. Just as with TV screens, Android phone screens are measured from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner.


Once you've found some models that meet your major considerations, it's time to hone in on specific features to personalize your Android phone experience.


Android phones consist of a variety of materials. High-quality polished glass and metal look great. Cheaper plastic phones may not last as long as some others. Multiple colors are available in many models.


Every Android phone may be unlocked through a passcode. However, if you want additional security, seek a model that uses a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition to unlock the phone.

Headphone jack

Many iPhone users were unhappy when Apple decided to eliminate the headphone jack from its newer models. Rest assured, the majority of Android phones still have a headphone jack.

Expandable memory card

Certain models of Android phones allow you to expand the amount of storage capacity by adding a memory card. This is a beneficial feature for those who shoot quite a few photos with their phones, as it provides more storage space.

Android phone prices

Android smartphones can cost anywhere from $100 to $500, and a few models have a higher price. On average, expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for an unlocked Android phone.


Q. Do Android smartphones have the ability to accept voice commands?

A. Yes. Just say, "Okay Google" to activate the voice control of the Android phone. You can compose text messages, perform web searches, and issue commands with this feature.

Q. Do I need to use the latest version of the Android operating system on the phone?

A. When a new version of the OS is available, your Android phone notifies you. However, you don't have to upgrade right away if you're happy with the version of the OS you're using.

Android phones we recommend

Best of the best: Huawei Mate 20 Lite SNE-LX3 Unlocked

Our take: Sharp-looking 6.3-inch display screen in a reasonably priced smartphone from a trusted manufacturer.

What we like: Includes a 24MP front-facing camera for impressive image quality. Greater than full HD resolution in the display screen.

What we dislike: Only has 64GB of storage space.

Best bang for your buck: Motorola Moto G6 Play Unlocked

Our take: For those who need long-lasting performance in a budget-priced smartphone, this model claims an impressive 36-hour battery life.

What we like: The Play's rear camera performs especially well. You can add up to 128GB in a microSD memory card for additional storage space.

What we dislike: Display screen only measures 5.7 inches. Only 32GB of internal storage space included.

Choice 3: BlackBerry BBE100-5 KEY2 LE Unlocked

Our take: Nothing quite matches the convenience of the physical keyboard included with a BlackBerry smartphone.

What we like: Rear and front cameras are of a higher quality than you might think. Add a microSD card for up to 256 GB of extra storage.

What we dislike: Screen size is only 4.5 inches. Expensive unit.

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