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Arnold Carreiro

The Amazon Fire Tablet provides hands-free access to Amazon’ s digital assistant Alexa for an array of tasks, such as requesting your favorite songs, getting weather updates, or setting your alarm clock.

Amazon released their first Fire tablet in 2011, and their entertainment-focused tablets have only become faster, sleeker, and loaded with additional features with each new release. Whether you're in the market for full HD video streaming on the go, looking for a moderately priced mid-range Fire tablet for fun on a budget, or a more rugged Kids Edition Fire tablet to keep your children safely entertained for hours on end, there are plenty of stellar models to make everyone happy. 

To find out more about which Amazon Fire tablet is right for you, keep reading our buying guide. Our top pick is the Fire HD 10, which offers a 10-hour battery, stunning display, and a hands-free Alexa mode. 

Considerations when choosing Amazon Fire tablets

Screen resolution 

If you want the videos you stream to look sharp and clear, the Fire HD 10 is head and shoulders above the rest as it's the first Fire tablet with a Full HD (1,080p) resolution. For less money, however, the Fire 8 sports a slick HD display (720p) as well. While the Fire 7's screen falls short of high-definition, it still offers a sharp picture for the price.

Battery life

Want extra power? While the Fire 7 supports up to seven hours of reading, gaming, and web browsing between charges, the newer Fire 8 and Fire HD 10 can deliver up to 10 hours of use before needing a recharge.

Alexa compatibility

Fans of Alexa will be glad to know that the Fire HD 10, 8, and 7 all offer hands-free access to Amazon's virtual assistant. Via the tablet's built-in microphone, you can operate your smart home devices, call up the latest news, and much more. This feature is absent from all Fire Kids Edition tablets.


Color: Why settle for the default black Fire tablet when you can choose other vibrant options, such as plum, punch red, and canary yellow? If there isn't a color that you appreciate, you could always wrap your tablet in a colorful protective cover instead.

Protection: Since Fire Tablets aren't bundled with a protective case, you may want to purchase one alongside your tablet to keep your investment safe.

Parental control: If you are comparing Fire Kids Edition tablets, we recommend researching their top-notch parental control options. These give you peace of mind that the apps, books, and games your child is using are safe and secure. You can also add a curfew, which restricts children's access to the times you set, so there's no sneaking in screen time when you're not looking. 

Amazon Fire tablet prices

Prices for an Amazon Fire tablet range from $149 (for the newest Fire HD 10) to as low as $39 (for an older refurbished Fire 7 tablet). Thankfully, there are many price points in between those two extremes, and it may be worth settling on a more affordable Fire tablet to save some money.


Q. Can I add more memory to my Amazon Fire tablet?
Absolutely. For example, the Fire HD 10 is available in 32GB and 64GB versions, but its microSD slot allows users to expand its internal memory up to 256GB.

Q. Are Amazon Fire tablet owners forced to see ads?
Sort of. Technically, when you purchase a Fire tablet from Amazon, a $15 "discount" is applied to your order, where you allow ads to appear in certain places, such as the lock screen. You can always opt for an ad-free experience by paying the $15 up front or opting out from the settings menu of your Fire tablet while refunding the additional $15.

Amazon Fire tablets we recommend

Best of the best: Fire HD 10
Our take: Between the Fire HD 10's wide 1,080p full HD screen, hands-free Alexa operation, and 10-hour battery, this tablet is the ultimate device for quality entertainment wherever you need it.
What we like: Gorgeous display. Large internal storage space. Durable design. Features 30% faster processor than previous Fire tablets.
What we dislike: The Fire HD 10 is the premium tablet offering from Amazon, but it is also the priciest.

Best bang for your buck: Fire HD 8
Our take: The Fire HD 8 tablet featuring impressive Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, a 10-hour battery life, and a sharp HD display, which all combine into a surprisingly affordable yet high-quality entertainment device.
What we like: Great tablet for the price. Premium speakers. Expandable memory up to 400GB. Homepage is easy to personalize. Available in four colors.
What we dislike: The Fire HD 8's internal memory and HD display are all overshadowed by the Fire HD 10.

Choice 3: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition
Our take: Between its life-proof case, gigantic selection of child-friendly entertainment, and slick HD display, there's plenty for kids and parents to appreciate about this vibrantly colored tablet.
What we like: Tons of family-friendly games, books, and apps from trusted sources like Cartoon Network, Disney, and PBS Kids. Ultra-tough case. Just as excellent as the standard Fire HD 8 tablet. Includes two-year guarantee from Amazon.
What we dislike: Amazon's FreeTime Unlimited curates thousands of age-appropriate shows, games, and apps, but it'll cost Prime subscribers an additional $3 each month after the free trial year runs out.

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