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Though less popular, some gaming monitors are curved to offer a more immersive experience. Most monitors, however, can be mounted and adjusted or tilted to create the ideal viewing angle.

Among the most useful computer accessories is the monitor, offering a larger visual space to balance out the portability of a laptop or enhance the complement of the power of a gaming computer. Monitors may make workplaces more comfortable and convenient, and even compete with TVs in terms of resolution and refresh rate.

Acer is one of the leading computer companies, and their line of monitors cater to all users, whether your intent is gaming, working, or just casual viewing. Their impressive 35-Inch Predator X35 Gaming Monitor is an ideal option for serious gamers, but our guide will detail the range of other options to cover every need.

Considerations when choosing Acer monitors


You’ll want to choose resolution to match the quality of the content you’re consuming. Full high-definition resolution — 1920 x 1080 pixels — has become commonplace for most monitors, though higher-end 4K resolution is increasingly popular for video gamers and blockbusters. Just be sure to have access to 4K content, in the form of a streaming subscription or physical disc, like Blu-ray. For those using a monitor for work, HD will likely suffice. There are some resolutions in between these two options, including Quad HD, which sports a 2560 x 1440 pixel ratio.


Acer monitors range in size from around 20 to 35 inches. Most options are around 21 to 24 inches, which is suitable for a majority of users who will work and watch content on their monitor. Serious gamers may want a bigger monitor to fully enjoy their playtime. Screen size is measured from one diagonal to the other.


Most Acer monitors will connect to your laptop via an HDMI port, which provides fast and high-quality audio and video connection. DisplayPort is a similar connection rising in popularity and typically included as well. Check your computer to see what connections are available. Older computers may have a VGA port, which is also available but slowly becoming less common. Some Acer monitors may include a USB port or audio jack as well.


Eye care

Acer boasts BlueLightShield and VisionCare technology to lessen eye strain when viewing the monitor for longer periods. Such monitors will produce less blue light and reduce flicker, and are especially useful for those working regularly on the monitor.

Gaming monitor

Acer’s gaming monitors offer fast refresh rates and quick response times, much needed for serious video game enthusiasts, especially those playing online. Look for response time of under three milliseconds, and a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz. All resolution types will be available with gaming monitors.


For those desiring to enjoy content to its fullest potential, or anyone who works in graphic design, Acer offers monitors with thin bezels, minimizing the distance between the screen and the edge for a seamless viewing experience. Furthermore, Zero Frame monitors have no visible borders.


Acer monitors geared for casual browsing, enjoying content, or working cost between $100 and $250, with a range of sizes and resolutions available. However, high-end gaming monitors will be more expensive.


Q. How do I maintain my Acer monitor?

A. A soft microfiber cloth can be used to dust the screen and keep it looking clear; only a few drops of water if any will be necessary, and distilled water is ideal. Never use any harsh chemicals lest the screen becomes permanently damaged. Avoid blocking air vents as well, which keeps the monitor running cool and strong.

Q. Can I use the monitor as a TV?

A. For those living in small spaces, or anyone who wants an entertainment setup in a secondary space, a monitor may prove useful. You may be able to mount the monitor on a wall, and can connect a computer, gaming console, or potentially a streaming stick to endow smart capabilities to stream content.

Acer monitors we recommend

Best of the best: Acer 35-Inch Predator X35 Gaming Monitor

Our take: Top-tier monitor with fast response time and refresh rates for those serious about gaming and enjoying content.

What we like: Large size, bright monitor with impressive visuals, fast processing, and a 2 millisecond response time. Curved design for immersive experience. QHD resolution.

What we dislike: Pricey. Lacks 4K resolution.

Best bang for your buck: Basic K2 Monitor

Our take: Simple and effective monitor to help create a productive home workspace.

What we like: Ideal for supplementing a laptop for those working or browsing often from home. HD resolution and wide aspect ratio. Three ports including HDMI. Terrific value.

What we dislike: Not ideal for gaming or enjoying high-quality content.

Choice 3: 24-Inch B7 Professional Monitor

Our take: Efficient and feature-packed monitor for working professionals and frequent use.

What we like: HD resolution. HDMI, DisplayPort, and multiple USB ports. Two built-in speakers. Thin bezels. Adjustable angle; mountable. Decent price.

What we dislike: Features less useful for gamers and casual users.

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