“The Bachelor” participants as wines: Which bottle you need

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Meredith Gallo

Monday night is fantasy suites, the episode of "The Bachelor" we've been waiting for all season.

Traditionally, this episode offers the bachelor and each of the final three bachelorettes an evening alone to find out if their connection is really as strong as they think. Some couples use this time to talk and get to know each other away from all the cameras, while others... well, you get the idea. Who can forget Peter's and Hannah's romp in the windmill from last season?

With the last episode's revelation that Madison plans to hold off on being intimate until marriage and a preview hinting that she wants Peter to do the same, we might just get the elusive "most dramatic episode yet." The show's producers certainly seem to be working overtime to squeeze every possible drop of drama out of this season, which is why we're looking to make the most out of our "Bachelor" viewing experience. What better way than with a wine pairing?

Whether you're watching at home with your dog or have a long-standing "Bachelor" watch party to attend, we've found some delicious wines that will help you to enjoy the mounting stress. We've even broken them down by cast members, so you can easily select a wine that best suits your favorite reality TV star.


This season's participants as bottles of wine

Victoria F: 2015 Room Wines Chardonnay Napa Valley, $30 at Wine Access (was $32)

First up is Victoria F. From a serenade from her ex during a one-on-one with Peter to an ominous warning from Peter's ex during hometowns, this Virginia Beach native has received the brunt of producer meddling this season. But the producers aren't the only ones causing drama; Victoria F was also embroiled in an online controversy that forced Cosmopolitan to pull its scheduled cover featuring her and Peter. It's also no secret that Victoria F can be uniquely annoying and we don't understand Peter is so infatuated with her. 

All this to say, an evening of watching Victoria F calls for a large pour of chardonnay. If you're a fan of the Victoria F drama, I'd suggest indulging in this 2015 chardonnay from Room Wines. This chardonnay comes from one of the coldest climates in the Napa Valley, which gives it a fruitiness and vivid acidity more often associated with French chardonnays.

Hannah Ann: 2018 Color & Sound Pinot Noir Rosé Los Carneros Napa Valley, $12 (was $20)

Next up is Hannah Ann from Knoxville, Tenn. This 23-year-old model has been a front-runner from the start. She won Peter's first impression rose (hence our inclination toward a rosé pairing) and has been a consistent competitor in this game of love ever since. While admittedly we are tempted to suggest that fans of this Tennessee native curl up with a whiskey sour, or perhaps a hot toddy, we really think that Hannah Ann is a rosé kind of gal.

This blood orange-hued Pinot Noir Rosé pairs perfectly with Hannah Ann's bubbly and seductive personality. You can expect a fresh and fruity wine that will pair nicely with your favorite cheese and charcuterie -- arranged, of course, on a statement cheese board.

Madison: 2018 Kinfolk Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley, $18 at Wine Access (was $20) 

Like Hannah Ann, Madison was an early favorite. We got to know this smiley, faith-driven native of Auburn, Ala. during the first one-on-one of the season when Peter took her to meet his family. Since then, Madison and Peter's relationship has taken a back seat to some of the drama in the house. But if the previews for Monday's episode are any indication, we can expect to see a lot more of Madison as she navigates her faith during fantasy suites.

So get comfortable and pour yourself a glass of wine as dazzling and fresh as Madison. This quintessential Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc offers aromas of fresh lemon, grapefruit and starfruit and a crisp, dry finish. It's refreshing enough to drink alone or paired with cheese or a simple Monday night dinner.

Kelsey: NV Champagne M. Brugnon Selection Brut, $35 (was $50)

She may no longer be in the running, but we can't do a "Bachelor" wine roundup without Kelsey. Back at the beginning of the season, Kelsey was at the center of what became the great champagne swap of 2020. Basically, Hannah Ann accidentally popped a bottle of champagne Kelsey was saving for a special moment with Peter, and let's just say this little mix-up generated enough drama for at least two episodes.

Fans of Kelsey (and a good glass of bubbly) should enjoy this brut champagne known for its mouthwatering acidity and pear and toasted nut flavor. Don't forget champagne flutes!

Peter Weber: 2018 Castelfeder Mont Mes Pinot Grigio Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT, $18 at Wine Access

Oh, pilot Pete; he might be enjoying the drama more than the producers. Now, if we could only figure out what he was drinking when he gashed his eyebrow open on that golf cart in Costa Rica, we'd really be able to get inside his head going into fantasy suites. Either way, we've found a pinot grigio that screams Peter.

This straw-colored wine with an aroma of pear and apple is dry and smooth on the palate with a mineral aftertaste. It's structured yet fresh, and pairs nicely with a variety of light dishes... just as Peter has found love with a variety of different women.

Chris Harrison: 2016 Chateau Quattre Malbec Cahors, $18 at Wine Access

Chris Harrison has been with "The Bachelor" franchise for nearly 20 years, and in all that time we suspect he's developed quite a palate. That's why we bet Harrison and his fans would enjoy this Malbec, which earned a platinum and a score of 95 points at the Decanter World Wine Awards. This full-bodied wine boasts an aroma of blackberries and blueberries and a structured, intense richness.

The Producers: 2015 Coho Headwaters Proprietary Red Wine Napa Valley, $40 at Wine Access (was $55)

When compiling a Bachelor wine roundup, we can't forget about the hardest-working people on the show: the producers. If it was ever up for debate, this season, the producers have proven themselves to be a messy group of people who live for drama. At times, the extent of the producers' meddling felt over the top, but occasionally it created some juicy reality TV moments.

In those moments, we can only imagine the glass clinking and cheering that goes on behind the scenes. If you're watching the drama, find yourself some wine glasses and pour yourself a glass. This red wine blend from Napa Valley is 43% cabernet sauvignon, 37% merlot, 20% petit verdot. Imbibers can expect a full body with aromas of blackberry and chocolate.


More essentials for your fantasy suites viewing

Still looking for ways to upgrade your "Bachelor" watching experience? Here are our suggestions.

For white wine: If you're a white wine drinker who can't stand a warm glass, check out the S'well wine tumbler and wine chiller carafe.

For red wine: If you're a red wine drinker hoping to optimize your "Bachelor" experience by aerating your wine before the show, this crystal glass wine decanter holds two standard bottles of wine.

For transporting wine: Bringing a pre-chilled bottle of wine over to a friend's house? Try using the Hydro Flask Skyline 25-Ounce Wine Bottle to transport your favorite wine.

For uncorking: The Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener and foil cutter is an attractive way to uncork your wine in seconds with minimal hassle. Save the drama for "The Bachelor."

For hosting: If you're hosting a "Bachelor" viewing party, these floral wine charms might be a good idea to help your guests keep an eye on their glasses.

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