8 most popular lip stains on Sephora

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A good lip stain can transform your look while surviving the day without smudges or completely disappearing.

Everything you need to know about lip stain and how to find the best match for you

If you’re looking to step up your make-up game and get luscious lips that last all day, without needing to re-apply, then lip stains are your answer. Similar to lipstick, lip stains color your lips. The only difference is they also stain your lips with color, which offers a long-lasting effect. 

So if lipstick, lip gloss and balms don’t cut it, lip stain could be the lip lift you’re looking for. That being said, there are good lip and inferior lip stains, so it’s best to stick to a well-trusted brand like Sephora. This guide covers what to look for in a lip stain and how to find the best one for you that will fit your style and budget. 

What is lip stain?

This beauty-enhancing product is made of oils and dyes that provide a lasting look by staining your lips. You may also find it referred to as a “lip tint.” Rather than coat your lips as a lipstick would, lip stain infuses rich color pigments into your lips, highlighting and staining them. You can find lip stain in various forms, including liquid, gel, cream, crayon or a pen.

Lip stain also offers various styles of application, levels of color intensity and additional advantages, such as moisturizing benefits. Since it’s made out of a water-based solution (which lipsticks are not), lip stain tends to feel less heavy and more natural on your lips. 

What to look for in a lip stain 

A good lip stain can transform your look while surviving the day without smudges or completely disappearing. How much time you spend munching, drinking, smooching and chatting will influence how long your lip stain will last. Generally though, because lip stain literally does as it says and stains your lips, it wears longer than other products.

What to consider when shopping for the best lip stain 

Hydrating ingredients

No one wants dry lips, no matter how bright they look. Find a lip stain that offers hydration by looking for oil-based ingredients, such as natural butters.

If you suffer from dry lips or require UV protection, you could consider a lip stain that supports layering additional balms, without reducing color. To find out whether you are choosing this a good indicator is if it claims to work well as a primer or to enhance other lipsticks.

Easy application

Since most lip stains come in liquid form, you’ll need a brush for the application. Consider lip stains that come equipped with a well-designed brush or that require a separate applicator. If choosing your own, opt for a firm brush that will help you apply the lip stain with ease, without needing a super-steady hand.

If you want to skip the brush, look for crayon lip stains as these are a great all-rounder and have a thick, smooth, easy-to-use tip.

Choose your finish

Whether you’re looking for a bold color, a natural look, a plump lip or a glossy finish, lip stain can do it all. 

Most lip stains on Sephora come in a variety of colors and finishes, including: matte, satin, shine/gloss and natural.

If you want a natural look with a hint of color, opt for a matte finish and light, neutral tones, such as nude and blush. If a fierce color is what you’re after, opt for a brighter color, such as a classic matte in red. You could even sparkle up your days with a glittery finish, which is super fun for nights on the town. Just make sure that before you make a purchase that you understand what style of lip stain you’re getting. 

The 8 most popular lip stains on Sephora

Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Lip Tint: available at Sephora

This crayon-style lip tint gives a subtle matte finish, with an infusion of natural butter for hydration. Available in a variety of neutral tones, this long-lasting twist-up lip stain is also vegan and paraben-free.

Bobby Brown Extra Lip Tint: available at Sephora

Get smooth and plump lips with this popular, lightweight-lip tint. Its neutral tones are perfect for a natural finish. It also promotes lip balm-worthy moisture with a blend of natural oils.

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo: available at Sephora

This 10-hour long wear lip tint — supposedly kiss-proof —  is perfect for a natural look and feel. It can also be used to compliment your favorite lipstick and gloss when used as a primer. Add effortless beauty with this lightweight and comfortable tint that is available in a range of elegant colors.

Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain: available at Sephora

This lip stain is the ultimate combination of solid color, moisture, shine and ease of application. Wear this tint fiercely for up to 10 hours, with a boost of hydration and gloss. It even comes equipped with a diamond-shaped applicator for ensured precision. 

Benefit Cosmetics Lovetint Lip and Cheek Tint: available at Sephora
If a bold red is the look you’re after, then this combined lip and cheek tint is all you need and it’s budget-friendly. It boasts a deep, vibrant color that is long-lasting and smudge-proof.  And it also has a doe-foot applicator for easy application.

Armani Beauty Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick: available at Sephora
This liquid stain ticks all of the boxes, with its thin texture for smooth application and a perfect matte finish. It is smudge-proof and guarantees to keep lips covered with its deep bold color.

NARS Oil-Infused Lip Tint: available at Sephora
With pomegranate extract and vitamin A and E, this tint is filled with nutritious ingredients to boost your plump, hydrated and beautiful lips. It comes in the form of a gel-oil texture that has a non-greasy feeling to it, while leaving a stunning sheer tint.

rms beauty lip2cheek Cream Blush: available at Sephora
This concentrated cream is great for tinting both lips and cheeks, with its variety of intense colors. It’s made of clean and natural ingredients, including hydrating oils. It comes in a recyclable package and is cruelty-free.

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