8 coolest products from the first day of CES

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Katie Reseburg

The Wagz Explore Smart Collar is a new way to take the best care possible of your dog, while also giving you peace of mind when you can’ t be beside him.

LAS VEGAS -- CES is officially under way, with thousands of consumer electronics being displayed in massive venues all across the Las Vegas strip. We narrowed it down to a few favorites we think are both useful and innovative, covering every type of consumer.

From those who want to take their glamping trips to the next level to dog owners looking for humane, easy ways to keep their pup happy (and well behaved) to those who want to have more fun, either playing games or creating their own films, here are the standouts from Tuesday at CES.

1. Weather-resistant speaker lanterns

Mooni's lanterns are not only cool looking, they can be used indoors and out and some models even have built-in speakers. Although not meant to withstand inclimate weather or extreme conditions, they are perfect for poolside entertainment or your next camping trip (especially if you're into glamping).

They stay powered up for 3-10 hours (on the lower end of this range for the built-in speaker models), and you charge them via micro USB. Available in several styles, these lanterns light up in 16 different colors, or 7 colors for the speaker lanterns. The FULLMOON LIGHT 300 is globe-shaped and would look nice in garden, while the others range in size and shape and have a handy carrying handle.

All models cost less than $100.

2. A complete kit for aspiring filmmakers

Nikon just announced its new Z-6 Filmmaker's Kit, which is designed for vloggers, those who are just starting making their own films, and anyone else who wants an all-in-one package for capturing 4K footage.

It's also a great value at just shy of $4,000, as you get all of the following and several other accessories: Nikon's Z6 camera, Atmois Ninja V 4K HDR 5 inch monitor recorder, MOZA 2 3-ax handheld gimbal stabilizer, and the RODE VideoMic Pro+.

3. Cute, educational, and fun robots for kids

From JIMU by UBTECH, a robot that your kids build themselves (with lots of simple steps so it doesn't frustrate them or you) and helps them learn how to build and code - skills that are becoming more and more valuable in today's growing tech fields.

They come in several fun choices, from unicorns to vehicles to traditional robots, and once they are done that do all sorts of fun things with simple touches on a mobile device.   

4. Retro gaming gone modern

With all the super sophisticated and VR gaming available now, it's refreshing to see the video games from decades ago making a comeback, with much better performance and modern features. There was a wide array of retro consoles from retro-bit on display, with eager gamers practically twitching their fingers to try them out.

The Go Retro Portable lets you game for up to ten hours from virtually anywhere - perfect for long flights, commuting, or to share your favorite games from childhood with your own children. They also have a throwback price at just $34.99.

5. Liquid smart screen protection

Nanofixit Surface Protection is a three step kit that creates a barrier to protect your smart device screens from scratches, and also helps minimize your contact with germs and radiation - no cover required.

It has no odor and is completely invisible, like there's nothing there at all. Simply clean the screen with an alcohol wipe, dry with the microfiber cloth, apply the liquid screen protector, let that dry for one minute, gently polish with the cloth, apply one more coat and wait one minute before the final polish with the cloth, and your screen is protected for a full year.

6. The foldable smartphone everyone's talking about

The Royole FlexPai's Smartphone is one of the main attractions at CES this year, but while the cool factor is there, only time will tell if this is the future of smartphone design.

We love that it can be used as both a phone and a 7.8-inch tablet, and that it's flexible design saves space and makes it easy to carry or put in your pocket. It folds totally in half, or part way so it stands up on its side. Another benefit of its flexible design is that it's screen is very resistant to breakage, a common concern with screens.

7. Custom-made shoe inserts

Much needed for all CES attendees and anyone who is on their feet a lot or just wants supreme comfort in their favorite shoes, Dr. Scholl's has developed Custom 3D Inserts.

You send Dr. Scholls photos of your feet from a few different angles, choose the style and design you want based on what shoe you will use them in and your color/print preferences (there are lots of cute choices), and then you'll receive your 3D printed inserts within two weeks.

And if they don't work out, there's a 30-day money back guarantee. Use code SOLEMATE20 to receive your inserts for $20 off.

8. Smart collar for your furbaby

The Wagz Explore Smart Collar is a new way to take the best care possible of your dog, while also giving you peace of mind when you can't be beside him.

This simply designed collar serves as a GPS tracker, invisible fence, activity tracker, temperature monitor, and invisible leash. We especially like that it may work in place of shock collars, which some owners use as a last-resort option if your dog is difficult to control.

Wagz leads the pack in the first pet wearable that we think is a great product for anyone who wants to keep their pooch safe and better behaved.


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