8 board game storage ideas for your growing collection

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Sian Babish

Invest in a few smaller storage bins to hold board game accessories, such as expansion decks, timers, die and spare game pieces.

How to store board games

If you have more than one version of Monopoly, a few collectible Trivial Pursuit editions and all the expansion decks for Cards Against Humanity — it’s time to invest in board game storage for your ever-growing collection. 

It can be tricky to store bulky board game boxes, especially if you’re pressed for space as it is. Fortunately, there are several viable solutions to keep your favorite games organized, including storage bins, shelving systems and furniture.

Key considerations for board game storage

How to find the ideal board game storage solution

To select the ideal storage solution, you’ll first need to round up all the board games in your collection. Once they’re in front of you, it’s easier to envision exactly how much room will be required to store them. 

Next, take note of the dimensions of game boxes; the various shapes and sizes will likely impact which storage solutions you can use. Some will be square, like Apples to Apples Junior, whereas others will be long and flat, such as Risk. Card-based games like What Do You Meme? often have compact rectangular boxes. 

Once you’ve taken a good look at your collection, make a list of frequently played games. You may wish to store these in accessible areas, such as bookcases or storage ottomans. Less frequently played board games, on the other hand, may be better served by storage bins. 

Leaving room for more board games

Before you land on a storage solution for your board games, make sure the bin or shelving system you choose leaves room for extra board games. Explore more board games worth adding to your ever-growing collection by visiting the complete BestReviews buying guide.

Additionally, having extra room in a storage unit makes it much easier to see and sift through your board games. Otherwise, the board game boxes may get crushed or scratched if they’re packed too tightly. 

Popular materials for board game storage units

Board game storage options vary the most in terms of construction. Here’s a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of popular materials.

Plastic: Plastic bins and totes are lightweight and easy to move as portable options. They’re low-maintenance and can simply be wiped to clean, plus they’re durable enough to last through years of use. Pay close attention to their lids, however, since some of them may not be well-secured.

Fabric: Fabric storage bins have a soft aesthetic that blends in well with most décor. Many of these designs are lightweight and collapsible, which makes them ideal for flexible storage solutions. They’re somewhat flimsy, so they rarely hold as many board games as other options.

Wood: Wood furniture, including bookcases and TV stands with built-in storage, offer the most curb appeal. They’re available in several designs and finishes to coordinate with existing wood furniture and décor. Wood furniture tends to be the most expensive and has the largest footprint.

Manufactured wood: Manufactured wood, used for many bookcases, has a wood appearance without the high price. These pieces often have adjustable shelving for custom organization. Unfortunately, some of these furniture pieces are prone to wobbling, peeling or bowing.

Wire: Wire shelving units have simple, versatile designs that can be set up almost anywhere. They boast large weight capacities and offer more visibility than other storage options. However, they require user assembly and may appear too modern or utilitarian for some spaces. 

Board game storage cost

The least expensive board game storage solutions, priced from $8-$25, include plastic and fabric storage bins. Midrange options, including wire shelving units and some manufactured wood furniture, cost $30-$100. If you’re willing to invest in furniture to store board games, be prepared to spend $125-$300 on bookcases and shelving systems. 

Best board game storage ideas

Collapsible storage bins

Prandom Large Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids: available at Amazon

These collapsible storage bins have extra-thick walls that hold up to rough-and-tumble daily use. They’re equipped with stainless steel cutout handles for easy carrying. The bins are available in eight colors and three sizes. 

Upscale library shelving unit

Sauder Heritage Hill Library with Doors: available at Amazon and Wayfair

The fine craftsmanship of this engineered-wood shelving unit features five spacious shelves, three of which are adjustable. It has a rich, cherry finish and antique-inspired hardware. The shelving unit is sustainably manufactured as part of Sauder’s Go-Green initiative. 

Modular cube storage

SONGMICS Interlocking Cube Storage Unit: available at Amazon

It’s easy to create the ideal shelving configuration with this modular cube organizer. Each shelf holds up to 22 pounds, which is more than enough for several board games. The cube organizer comes with two anti-tip straps for stability and security. 

Clear storage bins

Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear Storage Containers: available at Amazon

A classic option, these 95-quart Rubbermaid containers are deep enough to hold several board games and gaming accessories. They’re made with durable polypropylene and have latching lids. Since they’re transparent, it’s easy to see which games are inside. 

Storage ottoman

Christopher Knight Home Keiko Fabric Armed Storage Bench: available at Amazon

Maximize storage and seating options with this tufted storage ottoman. The storage compartment is 15 x 38 inches and offers a modest amount of room to store around half a dozen larger board games. 

Wire shelving

Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier Chrome Shelving Unit: available at Amazon

Simple and affordable, this wire shelving unit has three shelves, each of which has a 200-pound weight capacity. It’s made with a rust-resistant steel frame and has a shiny chrome finish. Assembly is quick and easy according to many shoppers. 

Classic storage trunk

Andover Mills Revere Blanket Chest: available at Wayfair

This blanket chest, available in three finishes, is deep enough to hold dozens of board games. A versatile design, it matches most entertainment spaces or bedrooms. For safety reasons, the chest has a lid stay and ventilated design.

Modern bookshelf

Rolanstar 6-Tier Bookshelf: available at Amazon

Look no further for a modern way to display your board game collection. This six-tier bookshelf has plenty of character with a zigzag-inspired design and a rustic finish. It also has a cabinet located at the base for discreet storage.

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