4 skincare solutions every guy should know about

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Taji Morris

Keep your hand creams and moisturizers close by, either in a desk drawer, glove compartment, or small bag, that way you can use them anytime your skin needs a quick boost of hydration.

Let's face it, when it comes to skincare most men don't have the slightest clue. For some, daily skincare management just doesn't seem practical. For others, having clear and healthy skin frankly isn't very high on the priority list.

Even for the small percentage of men that do care about the their body's largest organ -- the skin -- very few know where to begin when it comes to maintenance.

Truth is, every guy should know about personal skincare. Men who are concerned with maintaining a youthful look, clearing up scars, or simply increasing their overall level of attractiveness should look to daily skincare routines for the solution.

Here are five skincare solutions every guy should know about, and the products used to get the job done.

Repair damaged or dry skin.

The body is meant to repair itself. But, one of the first areas where men show signs of aging or health deterioration is in the appearance of the skin. So It's important to give the body the help it needs to support and heal itself.

Staying properly hydrated is paramount, and practicing daily skin moisturizing is the key. The MARLOWE facial moisturizer is a great example of a daily moisturizer that's water-based and made with natural ingredients.

The most important areas to focus on are the face, ears, neck and chest as they are constantly shedding dead cells for new ones. This leaves these areas vulnerable to dryness, which isn't a good look. This also makes these areas the most at-risk for skin cancer.

Not only does moisturizing help reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes, it also gives your skin the fuel it needs to remain healthy.

Achieve a youthful look.

Sporting a full beard has mass appeal right now. But the fastest way to chop off a few years of age is to chop off the beard. For one, shaving helps with exfolition and ridding the face of dead cells. Secondly, routine shaving aides in increased circulation and growth repair, which are essential in keeping skin cells young and fresh.

However, this is only beneficial if you are using shaving creams that do not damage or stress the skin (which will have reverse effects on aging). Avoid shaving creams that contain chemicals that aggressively disrupt the natural pH of the skin.

Simply put, products that contain natural ingredients work best. Products like the MARLOWE. shave cream are designed to give you a smooth shave while also promoting skin cell repair and restoration.

Keep skin clean and healthy looking.

Cleaning your skin takes more than a splash of soapy water. If you ask most women, there's a good chance they'll be able to describe the difference between exfoliation and cleansing. Men on the other hand, not so much.

Here's the deal: Exfoliating is the process of removing dead cells which can build up on the skin's surface. Cleansing focuses on removing the dirt, grime, and bacteria that can fester in the left-behind cracks.

You can comfortably clean your face every day with organic cleansers like Brickell purifying charcoal face wash. However, deep exfoliation should be limited to once a week, or even less if you have extremely dry skin. Remember, you want to promote circulation and growth, but don't want to repeatedly damage your skin before it has time to repair itself.

Even though these processes are different, there are some products that do a pretty good job of combining the two ideas. The MARLOWE. body-scrub soap has natural cleansing ingredients, while also providing a mild exfoliation of the skin.

Maintaining trouble areas like eyes and hands.

In the quest to improve the overall look of your skin, you'll run into areas that are more problematic than others. If you can't seem to combat the wrinkles or darkness under your eyes, look for products that focus on that area specifically.

The skin is very thin around the eyes, so you'll want a solution that absorbs quickly and rich in hydrators. Brickell's eye cream uses the addition of caffeine to reduce puffiness by increasing blood circulation. For softer and smoother hands, routinely nourish them with a hand cream.


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