19 best gifts for Studio Ghibli fans

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Jackalyn Beck

Studio Ghibli is one of the most famous names in anime history.

Gifts for people who love all things Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is a well-known name in the movie industry, particularly in anime. Ghibli has a large following of devoted fans, and for good reason.

They cast their films with a varied and vibrant array of characters. From the adorable soot sprites to the cursing Calcifer, Ghibli films are unique and classic. So, it’s easy to find Ghibli-inspired gifts for fans of any age. While you can find more generic gifts for anime fans, there are also plenty of specific choices from individual movies. Here are some of the best gifts for Studio Ghibli fans.

General Studio Ghibli gifts

Miyazaki Hayao Anime Stickers, Studio: available at Amazon

This pack of stickers has something for everyone, even Yubaba! It also features a number of fan-favorite characters like No Face, Ponyo and the soot sprites.

Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character, a cookbook by Diana Ault: available at Amazon

From Ponyo’s ham ramen to Kiki’s herring pie, Studio Ghibli movies feature a ton of idyllic foods. Now you can learn how to cook a variety of delicious, Japanese-inspired foods with this delightful cookbook.

Ghibli Doodle Mug: available at Amazon

Mugs are great gifts for almost anyone! This dishwasher-safe mug features a collection of characters, from Ponyo to No Face to the Catbus. 

Movie-specific Gifts

“Kiki’s Delivery Service” gifts

“Kiki’s Delivery Service” Jiji on a broom necklace: available at Amazon

This cute and classy necklace allows you to take Kiki’s companion, Jiji, with you everywhere you go.

“Kiki’s Delivery Service” Tote Bag by Roswin Koi: available at Etsy

This bag is strong enough to help you with your own errands and deliveries while taking Kiki along for the ride.

“Spirited Away” gifts

“Spirited Away” Haku Dragon Neck Pillow and Eye Mask: available at Amazon

This neck pillow and eye mask are great for anime fans who travel frequently. Not to mention it looks like a little dragon is sitting on your shoulders!

CWL Build’s “Spirited Away” Bath Tokens: available at Etsy

These bath tokens are a perfect gift for anyone who wants to escape to the world of “Spirited Away.” Perfect decoration for any bathroom or washroom.

Beyond the Melody Gifts’ “Spirited Away” “Always With Me” engraved music box: available at Etsy

This handmade music box features one of the most iconic songs in anime history. It’s a small, hand-crank box that is sure to bring a magical feel to any room.

“My Neighbor Totoro” gifts

Midslumber Products’ Totoro’s Forest Scented Candle: available at Etsy

While candles are a very common gift, this one has a fun twist. It’s also available in other scents like Howl’s Home, Soot Sprites and Flying Over Town with KiKi.

“My Neighbor Totoro” decal: available at Etsy 

This sticker would look adorable peeking out of any window. After all, you’re very lucky if you see the spirits of the forest.

“Howl’s Moving Castle” gifts

Howl’s earrings by Lisa Findings: available at Etsy

In “Howl’s Moving Castle,” Howl wears these beautiful earrings. Now you can too! They are great for Ghibli fans and people who love unique jewelry. 

Novel Tea Tins’ Calcifer’s Hearty Blend: available at Etsy

This black tea is inspired by a Calcifer from “Howl’s Moving Castle.” Perfect for tea lovers or those who tend to stay up late watching Studio Ghibli movies.

“Princess Mononoke” gifts

Two Kodama Tree Spirits Planters: available at Etsy

These creative planters bring the magic of “Princess Mononoke” to your home. They are a good option for succulent gardens, zen gardens and more.

“Princess Mononoke” HD Movie: available at Amazon

A Ghibli movie is a great gift for any anime fan, and “Princess Mononoke” is no exception.

Ponyo gifts

Be Magical Studio’s Gimme Ham Ponyo Pin: available at Etsy

Ponyo’s aggressive love for ham is one of the cutest moments of the movie. This pin captures the joy and mischief of that moment.

STUDIO BYKSL’s Vintage “Ponyo” Poster: available at Etsy

This vintage “Ponyo” poster would be the perfect fit for any anime fan. It would look good in a bedroom, an at-home theater or anything in between.

Other Ghibli movie gifts

Ghibli has many streamlined movies and creations. However, they have even more off the beaten path. Underrated classics include films like “Up on Poppy Hill” and “Porco Rosso.” While general items are fun, gifts from a specific movie can mean the world to a die-hard Studio Ghibli fan.

“Ghost in the Shell” Property of Section 9 Sticker: available at Etsy

Fans of “Ghibli’s Ghost in the Shell” will love this sticker, which is a movie reference only true fans will understand.

It’s All About Poster’s From “Up On Poppy Hill” Poster Print: available at Etsy

This minimalist poster captures the whimsy of this classic Ghibli film.

Living in Tokyo’s “Porco Rosso” Plane Model: available at Etsy

This “Porco Rosso” plastic model is good for people who enjoy this film and love quick DIY projects.

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