13 products to help teens manage anxiety

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Managing stress and anxiety requires a comprehensive approach that includes calming environments, sensory stimuli and proven exercises. Mindfulness, meditation and physical activity can all contribute to a happy and healthy sense of self.

Stress-relief for teens

The world can feel like a chaotic place at times, especially for a teenager who’s also navigating relationships, earning new responsibilities and planning for the future. Learning how to manage stress and anxiety is an important life skill, especially at such an influential age. 

There are a variety of ways to combat and cope with stress. Some preventative measures can help you understand yourself better and prepare you for the unpredictable and triggering, while other activities and practices are suited for when anxiety takes over. These are the top products for those teenages seeking to manage stress.

13 Products to manage anxiety

Gravity Blanket: available at Amazon

One effective way to help calm those who are nervous is through physical pressure and the feeling of being held and cradled. Essentially, a weighted blanket gives the sense of a big hug. It can be useful any time of the day, but is especially effective at night when a restless mind begins to wander. This popular Gravity Blanket features glass beads stitched in place for even distribution along with a cooling side and a plush side for versatile comfort and coziness.

Art of Coloring Disney Animals: available at Amazon

Coloring books are useful for people of all ages, as they provide an artistic diversion from the outside world. The exercise focuses attention, forgoing screens and technology that can overstimulate in favor of a creative expression. There are plenty of choices available, but this one featuring Disney animals is particularly appealing for its hardcover, thick pages and countless calming designs.

Toten the feel good game: available at Amazon

Mindfulness games are a terrific way to enjoy free time while reducing anxiety. The Totem game helps foster relationships, whether they are with friends, partners or family, highlighting positive attributes and admiring qualities in each other. The colorful pictures are cute and calming, while the cards have a tactile, pleasing quality. 

Gaiam Yoga Mat: available at Amazon

Yoga offers myriad health benefits while welcoming those of all skill levels, body types and interests. The yoga mat is the only essential product anyone needs to start a yoga journey. This option by a trusted name in Gaiam is comfortable, supportive and easy to travel with. It’s offered in various colors as well as a few different patterns, providing a solid foundation for meditation, mindfulness and physical activity.

HappyLuxe: available at Amazon

A little extra sunlight each and every day and can provide a mental, emotional and even physically boost. This therapy lamp offers a few different hues, durations and brightness levels to cater to one’s needs. While it’s easy to set up and includes a mount, its compact, slim design also allows you to take it with you. A quality sunlight boost can be especially helpful during darker, colder winter months.

Hygge Game: available at Amazon

This popular mindfulness game creates an intimate, cozy space for those with the goal of sparking thoughtful, engaging conversations. It’s another way for teens to connect with those around them and offer up their own feelings and curiosities in a safe, inviting space. This game can be played with anyone at any time and is terrific for building and strengthening relationships as well as boosting self-esteem.

Eden’s Garden Head Ease: available at Amazon

Calming oil blends can be applied to the skin around the head, offering instant relief from anxious triggers. This formula by Eden’s Garden is safe and effective with notable relaxing oils including chamomile and lavender. Apply around the temples, forehead and back of the neck for a temporary reprieve from stress.

“Anxiety for Relief Teens”: available at Amazon

It’s important for teens to realize they are not alone with their feelings and that there are effective, useful ways to manage stress. This popular mindfulness book offers insight, as well as tangible practices for teens that can be used immediately and throughout their lives, giving them the confidence to face any anxiety that comes their way.

The Mindfulness Journal for Teens: available at Amazon

Writing down thoughts and feelings is a terrific way for teens to comfortably and confidently express themselves. The simple act of putting information out in the world is useful, and this thoughtful book offers simple prompts and straightforward exercises that help to narrow focus and keep teens grounded.

“Mind Over Mood”: available at Amazon

This is one of the most popular and trusted sources of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It includes activities and exercises that can help anyone at any stage of life fight back against anxiety and stress with revealing and calming practices. It makes for a terrific companion through life, with this latest edition offering more exercises and help with understanding anxiety and setting personal goals.

AmazonBasics Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser: available at Amazon

One simple way to manage a bit of stress is to create a calming, inviting atmosphere in your immediate space. This diffuser by AmazonBasics offers a warm glow and background noise, while filling the air with your favorite therapeutic essential oils. Some options can help and invigorate, while others, like lavender, are terrific for winding down.

Bach Rescue Remedy: available at Amazon

This popular and trusted formula should be at the ready for any anxious teen. A few drops on the tongue can help achieve clarity, drowning out stressors, while refocusing the mind. It’s gluten and vegan friendly, featuring a blend of flower remedies that’s gentle and helpful.

Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden: available at Amazon

A zen garden provides those with a wandering mind or fidgety hands a tangible, calming activity. This option by Toysmith focuses on the serene, with sensory experiences that grant satisfaction and clarity. While teens can tend to the garden daily, it also includes a meditation book to help them disconnect and refocus.

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