The Best Winter Hiking Gear

There is amazing gear designed just for winter hiking


While summer hikes are incredible, they are usually associated with extremely hot temperatures, crowded trails, and tons of bugs. Hiking in the winter, on the other hand, is peaceful, serene, and scenic.

However, winter hiking does call for extreme weather conditions. But the good news is that there is amazing gear designed just for this purpose. If you want to embark on a safe and comfortable hike, you’re going to need the correct essentials.

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Start off by purchasing your base, middle, and outer layers. According to REI, your base layer should be the layer right next to your skin. It will help regulate your body temperature and remove sweat. Your middle layer should be a lighter jacket/pullover with insulation; this will help you retain heat by trapping air close to your body. Lastly, your outer layer should be a weather protection jacket that fights snow, wind, and rain.

Other necessary pieces of winter hiking gear include a warm and waterproof pair of hiking boots, a hat, gloves, goggles, gaiters, socks, and a backpack.


The Best Winter Hiking Gear


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