Best Clothes and Accessories for Fall Hiking

The perfect weather for hiking will be here before you know it; make sure you're ready


With the weather getting cooler, you can finally start planning a hiking trip in the country’s national parks or beautiful mountains. Even though you probably won’t encounter snow yet, you still need to have the right clothes to make the most of your trekking adventure.

There is no need to buy a whole new wardrobe or break the bank before you hit the trail. Get the basics and make sure they are a good fit, comfortable and not made of cotton – it’s not a good insulator when wet and you will feel cold for longer than necessary. Choose items made from synthetic or wool materials.

You will also need sturdy hiking boots that feel comfortable, especially round your feet and ankles. You don’t want them to fatigue and start hurting when you’re set for a long day hike. Essential items like quality socks, user-friendly pack and extra layers should not be overlooked. They can be the difference between hypothermia and safely making it until the rescue team finds you.

It is also crucial to bring with you a reliable water filter, a multi-tool knife in case you find yourself in a survival situation, flashlight or at least a headlamp, sunscreen and sunglasses.

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