The 10 Best Action Cameras

Capture the moment during your outdoor adventures


Everyone enjoys taking photographs and videos; they want to capture the moment during their outdoor adventures. Regardless to whether they are standing on top of a mountain, skiing down the slopes, walking through a beautiful garden or spending time at the beach, there is always a moment to remember.[slideshow:90417]

Taking photos and videos is the best way to go back and relive those moments – especially when they are in high-definition. Not only do we want to capture the moment forever, but we want to share them with our family and friends, too.

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Luckily, today’s camera companies have been creating more advanced technologies specifically tailored toward outdoor adventures. Cameras that can be submerged 330 feet underwater, and models with Wi-Fi capabilities and apps to easily share your experience, are just some of the many technology advancements.

We did a lot of research to find what the best action cameras were on the market. The cameras on this list will capture high-quality photos of every one of your adventure shots.


The 10 Best Action Cameras


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