Best Insulated Jackets for Cold Weather

These picks are warm, tough, stylish and casual

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The lack of snow in some places that usually get the most snowfall may have you fooled, but winter is not over yet and certain parts of the country are expected to get a lot more powder and below and near zero temperatures.

When that inevitably happens, you need a nice and insulated jacket to keep you warm by holding your body heat close to your skin while shielding it from the cold air. But how do you pick the perfect jacket? You have to think about the insulation – down feathers or synthetic fibers – as well as the jacket’s features and how much use you can get out of it.[slideshow:82358]

A down jacket is a great option because it provides the most warmth for the least weight. It’s puffy but light. You can’t really wear them when it’s raining, though. A water-repellent down jacket can help because its molecular-level polymer will resist moisture, but getting it soaked is not a good idea. The bigger the thickness of the insulation, the warmer you stay.

You also have to consider the synthetic materials. You want your jacket to withstand cold weather, including wind, snow or rain. But you also want it to be functional so you can move freely in a chilly environment. The plasticized fibers in the jacket have the same function as the down feathers, the “original insulator,” but the synthetic materials don’t form lumps when the jackets get wet and they dry out much quicker.

Here is a list of jackets, ranging in price and brand, that can help you find the one for you.

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