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The Best Rifle Slings

Make transportation effortless

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By Erich Asan, OnRamp

There are few accessories more essential to a long barrel weapon than a rifle sling. When you need both of your hands to maneuver through uneven terrain, putting down and picking up your rifle endlessly is both tedious and irritating. A rifle sling makes transportation effortless and prevents easy disarmament, which are priceless perks, no matter the scenario. Below we've assembled a collection of a few of our favorite rifle slings available today. Whether you require a more relaxed fit, camouflage-colored, or quick-release functionality, our recommendations have something for every hunt, sport, or patrol.

CVLIFE Two Points Sling

A Most Strapping Rifle Strap

Best Overall: If you've never purchased a rifle strap before and are looking for something easily adjustable, CVLIFE has you covered. The Two Point Traditional Sling is comfortable, intuitive, and compatible with a variety of firearms.

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One of the issues brought up frequently when assessing a rifle sling is the ease with which you can adjust the length. Most slings have a traditional belt slip lock, which, while fairly easy to use, can be tedious if you’re constantly making micro-adjustments. CVLIFE’s Two Point Sling features both a slip lock and an elastic, high-density cord that stretches four inches. The wide range of motion provided by this and a total maximum length of 55 inches make CVLIFE’s sling a top contender for your firearm. In addition to maneuverability, CVLIFE offers enhanced security with its metal hook anchors. Overall, this rifle sling system is compatible with a wide range of weapons and offers unmatched comfort over countless excursions.


  • Stands up to waterlogged conditions admirably

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Made with sturdy nylon fabric

  • A fantastic value at the current price point


  • Four slip locks for adjusting length is perhaps overkill

Ten Point Gear Gun Sling Paracord

A Sling For Every Scenario

Runner Up: Ten Point Gear's Gun Sling Paracord is an adjustable-length sling that's incredibly easy to install. If your older slings are clunky and noisy, ditch them for the silence and style provided by Ten Point.

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When it comes to mounting your rifle sling, few installation methods are more straightforward than the swivel mount. Swivel mounts are the standard anchor point for most rifles, and they feature a secure knob that’s used to secure clips or attach directly to the stock and barrel. Ten Point Gear’s Gun Sling Paracord comes with a pair of both swivel mounts and metal hooks, giving you the final say in how your firearm is fitted. Aside from anchors, Ten Point Gear’s thick paracord, which constitutes half the total length, will ensure that your shoulder remains unchafed no matter the distance of your journey. With a single slip lock that can adjust length up to 13 inches, Ten Point Gear is the go-to choice for firearms enthusiasts looking to lighten their load.


  • The width of the strap is approximately one inch

  • The paracord has a high-quality weave to prevent fraying

  • Available in six color and camo combinations

  • American-owned company


  • A maximum length of 46 inches can be limiting

TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling

Your Rifle's Best Friend

Most Comfortable: When you're out in the woods on a major expedition, big issues can arise from small inconveniences. The Paracord Gun Sling by TOL Outdoors has countless survival applications for unexpected turns in the wild.

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If comfort on extended operations is a primary concern of yours, TLO Outdoors is here to assuage those fears and keep you in the game longer with their Paracord Gun Sling. The single biggest gripe when it comes to addressing irritation caused by rifle slings is the short width and abrasive material used in the shoulder area. TLO Outdoors’ paracord is not only wider than standard models, but it’s also made with lightweight, pliable nylon woven into kernmantle rope. Aside from the obvious function as a means of hauling your gun or crossbow, the kernmantle rope design makes this sling a handy tool in emergencies. When survival scenarios require a sturdy rope, TLO Outdoors’ Paracord can be fashioned into a sling and tourniquet or used to secure tarps if mother nature sneaks up on you.


  • The paracord is rated to hold up to 550 pounds

  • The length can be adjusted from 33 to 44 inches

  • Paracord unravels to nearly 20 feet of rope

  • About a quarter-inch thicker than comparable paracord straps


  • Adjusting the length can be tedious

BOOSTEADY Two Point Gun Sling

Shroud Your Shot

Best Camouflaged: For the hunter whose gear sticks out like a sore thumb, get with the program with BOOSTEADY. The Two Point Rifle Sling's high-quality materials will allow you to blend in easily, and it'll last for years on end.

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For the getaways where you find yourself out on your feet all day in the woods, the last thing you want to happen is your exhausted forearms blowing the crucial shot. BOOSTEADY’s Two Point Gun Sling offers not only some of the most eye-catching camouflage on the market, but also an ideally sized, easy-to-operate strap as well. BOOSTEADY recognized that being limited to a short range of motion was infuriating to its users, and so it designed the Two Point Gun Sling with an ability to adjust by a whopping 23 inches, from a 22-inch minimum to 45-inch maximum. If that wasn’t enough, BOOSTEADY sets the standard in comfort with a nearly three-inch pad, guaranteeing that your strap will never bunch up or sit awkwardly on your shoulder.


  • Available in three unique camo designs

  • The shoulder pad is lined with elastic neoprene

  • Metal alloy swivel mounts

  • Delightful customer service


  • Swivels will require some lubrication to function optimally

Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Point Combat Sling

The Savior Of Your Shoulder

Best Quick Adjustment: Blue Force Gear is for serious individuals that need to switch from casual to combat at a moment's notice. The Vickers 2-Point Combat Sling is versatile, durable, and prepared for every situation life throws at you.

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There are few names in the rifle sling game more lauded than Blue Force Gear, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why. Blue Force’s Combat Sling was developed with the assistance of Larry Vickers, a delta force veteran with years of experience marketing firearm accessories and consulting on product design. The Vickers 2-Point Combat Sling is most definitely the soldier’s go-to rifle sling, with no extra frills, padding, or accessories that aren’t absolutely necessary for function. Unlike most slings on the market, The Vickers can be quickly adjusted from relaxed to combat stance without any extra fussing around with strap locks. Simply pull the gray tab towards you to loosen the strap, or yank it away from you to keep your rifle tight to your chest.


  • Just over seven ounces in weight

  • Made in the USA

  • Plastic buckles offer silent usage


  • No swivel mounts included

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a rifle strap on my rifle?

Rifle straps are relatively universal in their design and seldom require a difficult installation. There will be two small loops for most rifles, one located on the stock and the other on either the receiver or barrel. With a standard swivel mount attached to your sling, unscrew the knob, thread the loop through the mount, and tighten. If the loops are incompatible with the swivel mount, a carabiner-style hook should do the trick when attaching to abnormal anchors.

What can I do if my rifle doesn’t have anchor points for my rifle strap?

The inclusive attachment points so prevalent in today’s firearms are largely absent from older weapons and bolt action rifles. For those of us that can’t stand watching a good tool slip into disuse, retrofitting is certainly an option for the fiercely ambitious. Swivel studs, the receptacle for swivel mounts, can be installed to your stock with a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of patience. For wooden stocks, making an initial groove with a center punch handtool is your best bet, followed by drilling a pilot hole for the thread, and lastly, coaxing in said stud with a wrench.

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