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The Best Archery Targets

Ready. Aim.

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By Jessica Westman, OnRamp

You know you can't improve your archery skills without practice, and even shooting at cans in the backyard isn't going to get you to where you want to be. You need a high-quality archery target to move up in this sport. To help you out on your quest to the top, we've done some research on the current market and found a few of the best archery targets available today. Read on to find the one that's absolutely perfect for you.

Longbow Targets Paper Archery Targets

Let's Not Complicate the Matter

Best Overall: These paper targets are just what you'd see in a typical range, and they're perfect for improving the skills of archers at any level.

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These classic paper archery targets are perfect for archers of any ability level, and they even create a keepsake to stow away when you get that brilliant bullseye. They come in packs of anywhere between 3 and 200, so you can just try a few or save a few bucks by ordering in bulk for the entire season.

These archery targets resemble exact archery competition standards, so they’re a great way to practice for tournaments. They’ve got multiple different-colored rings so you can see just how much you improve with each shot. The rings are printed on thick, 7-point paper to minimize tearing.


  • The paper design is perfect for beginners, as it’s easy to shoot and see improvement

  • You can choose between 5-ring and 10-ring designs

  • You can opt for folded or rolled papers according to your personal preference


  • These are made for one-time-use, so you’ll need more every time you go out to practice (though you can make up for this by purchasing a large pack if you shoot often)

Mckenzie TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target


Best Block: This Tuff Block archery target is perfect for every archer.

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If you want a target that doesn’t need to be replaced after every practice session, this TuffBlock is perfect for you. It’s designed to be shot at over and over again while still bouncing back to its original shape every time.

Another great feature this block-style archery target has is its ability to impress archers of any ability. It’s perfect for beginners as it is fairly easy to sink an arrow into its surface. It doesn’t take as much strength as other blocks, so even young kids can shoot with success.


  • This has an extremely affordable price for an archery target that can be used over and over again

  • It’s made with a large, 24″ shooting area, allowing beginners a larger chance at success yet again

  • It comes with multiple targets on its surface so intermediate and expert archers can still improve their game with its use


  • This is recommended for bows under 40 pounds, so it may not be the best choice for you if you prefer shooting with bows with a higher draw weight

Ogrmar 3-Layer Straw Archery Target

Like Your Father's Father's Grandfather's Father

Best Straw: This classic straw target is sure to last, and it provides an incredible look in the field as well.

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If you’re looking for something that screams classic archery target style, this is it: a strong, traditional-style straw archery target. Its surface is thin and almost silk-like, so it can take hits from strong bows and arrows without leaving large indents behind.

This is another fairly large target at 20 inches wide and 2.2 inches thick. It’s got four rings and a large bullseye area, and it is able to hang on a tree or sit on an archery stand (not included) during use.


  • This archery target can be used by archers of all skill and experience levels

  • Its classic design allows it to double as a fun decoration that relates to your favorite hobby


  • This cannot be used with bladed arrows, as they will pierce the straw material and ruin the target

  • The target itself is filled with forage, so you may see some debris after your shots

Delta Speedbag Crossbow

Got It in the Bag

Best Bag: This bag-style archery target is perfect for extended use.

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If you happen to fall more on the “advanced” side of the skill spectrum, this may be the archery target for you. It’s a bag-style target, meaning that it’s strong and durable, even when it’s absorbing hits from the toughest of crossbows.

This cube-shaped target bag is 24″ x 24″. It can sit on a surface or lean propped up against a tree or another prop for some added stability. It’s even got multiple targets to keep you busy and improving on your skills.


  • The bag comes with a built-in handle for easy carrying

  • It is made in the United States and weighs an impressive 30 pounds


  • This has a higher price point than other targets on the list, but its quality is well worth it

Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target

Oh, To Be (Shooting At) 18

Best Mulit-Target: This archery target has 18 different targets to keep you busy and intruiged time and time again.

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This is another archery target that is perfect for all of you expert archers out there. Its main perk is its many targets (18, to be exact), so you’ll never get bored during practice. Each target is on a different side with a noticeably different angle, making it more challenging to nail the shot.

This archery target is once again extremely strong, as it can take hits from bows up to 500 fps without being damaged. It can also be used with a variety of different arrows, including field points, broadheads, and expandables.


  • The targets are neon green for improved visibility

  • It comes with a handle on top for easy carrying


  • This target has a significantly higher price point than other products on this list, though the features are worth it to many

Frequently Asked Questions

Which archery targets are best for beginners?

If you’re just starting out with archery or if you’re planning on introducing your kids to the sport, you need a target that’s made for beginners. You’ll want to choose something that’s got a big spot to hit and that’s easy to sink an arrow into. From the products reviewed on this list, your best choices would be the paper archery targets from Longbow Targets and the McKenzie TuffBlock, since they check both of the boxes mentioned above.

How long will my archery target last?

The only archery target on this list that does not last long is the paper version, as these are one-time-use sheets. The rest of the targets will last for years to come as they are designed to be extremely durable and have features that allow them to “bounce back into shape” after being hit with an arrow over and over.

No matter which archery target you choose, it’s going to up your archery game. Whether you’re an expert in the field or you’re just starting out, high-quality practice will get you to where you want to be. Choose the target that best suits your needs from the list above and look forward to the improvements that are sure to come.

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