Trew’s Kooshin Jacket from 10 Best Insulated Jackets for Cold Weather

10 Best Insulated Jackets for Cold Weather

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Trew’s Kooshin Jacket

The Kooshin Jacket has a 3DeFX+ construction which keeps you comfortably warm all the time. It’s also stretchy so you can easily move around unrestricted. This kind of insulation provides unprecedented elasticity. It’s also highly breathable. Ski patrollers wear the Kooshin Jacket because they are out in the cold all day and need to move fast in case of an emegrnecy. You stay warm even in a -10 degree weather. The outer layers dry out fast so you can wear the jacket even when the weather is really bad. Price: $199

Patagonia Women’s Down With It Parka

People recommend this jacket for walking in cold weather. So now you have no excuse to not get in shape in the winter. The shell is recycled polyester; the removable hood is also insulated. The sizes can run a little small though. Many women like it for its feminine styling – it fits perfectly with knee-length boots. The jacket is also very light, which helps when you have to stay warm in below zero temperatures and run errands at the same time. Price: $299

Rab Xenon X Hoodie

According to reviews, people like the Rab Xenon X Hoddie for its light weight (13.1 ounces), comfort, water resistance and warmth. This synthetic insulated jacket is also wind-repellent because of its Pertex Quantum fabric. The jacket offers flexibility as it can be a mid and outer layer. Thus, it’s suitable for different activities in various weather conditions. Independent movements are another thing people appreciated. You can turn your head without moving your torso. Price: $135 - $225

The North Face Quince Down Jacket - Women's

You only need a shirt under this jacket, according to reviews. The Quince Down Jacket is extremely compressible which mean you can pack it in your backpack along with everything else you need for dangerous hiking, skiing or everyday activities. The jacket is light and stops the wind from reaching your skin. The wrist bands are elastic so the cold air cannot get inside through the sleeves. Price: $173.93 - $249

Trew Super Down Jacket

The Super Down Jacket is another jacket people love for its warmth and ability to pack down tiny in case you want to go winter camping. The outer shell is made of stretchy ripstop fabrics which use a special strengthening technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. The drop-in and zippered pockets are a favorite feature because you can keep anything in them. Price: $369

FjallRaven Pack Down Jacket W

People love this jacket for its quality, durability and performance. It’s slim and the tail is longer than the front. It’s perfect for sub-zero temperatures even with a light fleece underneath it. Wind is not an issue with the Pack Down Jacket. The fill is 95 percent goose down and 5 percent feather. It has two big hand pockets with zipper, one mobile pocket in the left one and small security pocket in the right one. Another fleece is lined around neck for extra comfort. The jacket is a solid all-rounder, according to several reviews. Price: $278.99 - $399.95

Patagonia Men’s Thunder Cloud Down Parka

Whether you are walking the dogs, doing groceries, shoveling snow or skiing, the Thunder Cloud Down Parka is likely the jacket for you. It keeps you perfectly warm (maybe too warm if you’re doing any intense activities in the snow). You don’t even need to layer much. The jacket is water-repellent. The hood is also insulated, keeping the wind out. The hand warming pockets are enough so you can comfortably use them. Price: $499

REI Co-Op Down Jacket - Women's

If you’re looking for a cheaper jacket for cold weather, the Co-Op Down is a good choice. People wear it a lot more than other winter coats because it’s warm, thin, flexible, and compressible. The insulation is down but the nylon is weather-resistant. According to reviews, people wear it for trekking, camping and even climbing. It packs down so it’s great for travel. The back is just slightly longer than the front so it covers your derrière. Price: $49 - $100

Patagonia DAS Parka

The Patagonia “Dead Air Space” Parka jacket has gotten very positive reviews for its warmth, weather-resistance and comfort. It’s so warm; people even use it for ice-climbing and big mountain expeditions. The jacket features internal mesh pockets for drying gloves. The DAS Parka is used as the standard when it comes to super warm synthetic jackets. The hood is even large enough to fit over a helmet or other hats you may want to wear. Price: $299

Trew Super Down Sweater

Don’t let the name fool you. The Super Down Sweater is a light and compact warm jacket. As the best insulated jackets for cold weather should be, it is windproof and water-resistant. It’s compressible so you can pack it anywhere. People seem to love the seamless cuffs and pockets the most. The coat is good for various temperatures – from very cold to mild. Price: $229