Gear Review: Yaktrax Walk

Like snow tires for your feet, Yaktrax give you traction on slick surfaces

Last week I posted a review of a new pair of running shoes designed specifically for running on snow and ice. Those shoes were waterproof, comfortable and had integrated spikes to help keep your footing on snow and ice. They also come with a price tag of $155. But for those looking for something a bit more affordable to help keep their footing on slick surfaces in the winter, the tried-and-true Yaktrax ($20) are tough to beat. These versatile, yet effective, tools are one of the best things to have in your gear closet when winter weather hits.

If you're not familiar with Yaktrax, they are a simple—yet ingenious—product. Designed to fit snugly over the bottom of your shoes, they instantly give better traction to just about any footwear by literally adding chains to the tread. When stretched over the sole of a boot, running shoe, or just about any other shoe, the chains add the ability to grip ice and snow, making it much easier to move safely and securely. Best of all, they can be added or removed very quickly, making it easy to transform your footwear from off road-ready to formal wear in seconds.

I tested the Yaktrax Walk, which is the company's classic model. Lightweight and easy to apply, the Walk are great for just about anyone heading outside during the winter months. Whether you're walking down the street or on a snowy trail, they can make any hike much easier. They're perfect for use around town, around camp, or just about anywhere else you want to use them, and at just $20, they are an affordable solution for anyone.

The Yaktrax Walk are very good for all kinds winter walking challenges, but for those who demand a bit more performance will find other options as well. For instance, runners will want to try the Run, while hikers heading into more difficult conditions should use theYaktrax Pro. Finally, those traveling in extreme environments, the XTR is the best choice.

Affordable, versatile and effective, Yaktrax are a great option for anyone looking to improve his or her traction in the winter. For the level of performance they provide, it certainly is tough to beat the price.


This story originally appeared on The Adventure Blog.

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