Gear Review: Omega Pacific Link Cam

When you're desperate to get a grip

Omega Pacific Link Cams demand to be touched. You’ve been warned: don’t lay a finger on one of these shiny, solid, single-stemmed beauties unless you’re willing to lay down the lucre.

Link Cams are articulated, with one major axle and two smaller ones on each three-piece lobe. And those luscious lobes are fat to minimize walking in placements, with teeth even for those of you who refuse to believe they don’t make a difference. What this means to us knuckle-draggers is simple: significantly increased range and great holding power. The Link Cam #1 allows you to plug-and-pray from 0.83 to 2.1 inches. That’s close to double the range of most other cams of equivalent size. You’ll thank every god whose name you can remember from Mythology 101 when you’re pumped and need a placement fast, no time for second-guessing size.

They have a smooth-like-butter trigger, with a comfy grooved thumb rest and a four-inch Spectra sling, making for easy placements. Link Cams are must-have gear, but this doesn’t mean you’ll want an entire rack of these for two reasons. First, they’re heavier than most other models: 6.4 ounces for the #1. Second, they’re expensive. What you will want is one of each size to save for the last, desperate placement that you can’t see yet. Alpinists, this means you too: do you really want to be halfway up Denali’s West Rib and find that the last of your three cams doesn’t quite fit that splitter?

Hits: So shiny. Hypnotic articulation is tres-functional, covering a wider range of slots.

Misses: A tad heavy, both on the rack and on the wallet.

MSRP: $103.25


Buy It(Campmor for $94.99)

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