Gear Review: Moji 360® Mini Massager

A travel-friendly tool for easy muscle recovery at home or on-the-go
Go Moji

From runners and cyclists to swimmers and weight lifters, anyone who exercises on the regular is no stranger to sore muscles.

To relieve soreness and aid recovery, elite athletes have the advantage of hiring professional massage therapists. For the rest of us with day jobs, other obligations and a limited amount of funds, scheduling regular weekly massages might not be an obtainable option. That doesn't mean non-elite athletes who want to perform their best can't reap the same benefits, though.

Tools like foam rollers, running sticks and most recently, the Moji 360® handheld mini massager, all provide the same benefits as would a massage therapist, only you can use them at home. Plus, you only have to pay a onetime cost, which is much more affordable than the repetitive payments required for frequent spa style massages.

The Moji is made up of seven rotating spheres, each strategically placed to help relieve sore, tight muscles on any area of the body. The rubber hand pad is flexible so that it can conform to the contours of your body.

The two biggest spheres on the Moji are called the Target Sphere (located at the top) and the Intensity Sphere (located on the bottom). The makers suggest that the Target Sphere is best used for pinpointing specific sore spots, especially around the neck and shoulders.

From my own personal experience, this sphere is in fact a dream come true for sore spots like tight and tense trap and upper back muscles. Apply a little bit of pressure from the Target Sphere around your neck and upper shoulder muscles and any tension you might have been holding in the are is instantly released.

The bottom Intensity Sphere is said to work best for lower body muscles like your IT bands, quads and calves. I found that the Intensity Sphere worked well on all three areas, which for me personally are constantly knotted from running. It takes a lot of effort to apply enough pressure to really break up the muscle tissue there with a traditional foam roller, but with the Moji it's much easier.

And that's what I like best about the Moji; that it doesn't require as much effort as foam rolling or a running stick. It can be a challenge to really target and apply enough pressure to your sorest spots with a foam roller, and the same can be said about the running stick. (Anyone who's ever tried rolling out their calves, quads or IT bands with either knows exactly what I'm talking about.)

With the Moji, you can easily role over almost any muscle and use the different spheres to apply pressure and really break up knotted tissue with just one hand.

The strap that wraps around the back of your hand is adjustable so arguably, it will fit just about anyone's hand.

I also really like the Moji because, while hitting some areas of your back obviously requires some help, it does make it easy to deeply target some parts of your upper back and neck.

The Moji also gets bonus points for being small (it's not much bigger than the size of a small hand) and portable. For athletes who travel (and like to pack light), the Moji is the perfect alternative to a cumbersome foam roller.


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