Future Gear: Reactive Lighting Headlamps

Petzl builds upon the success of its revoluationary NAO

Petzl's "reactive lighting" NAO headlamp was a game changer in 2012. With a built-in sensor, it "knows" where you're looking—near or far, bright or dim—and automatically (and fairly instantly) adjusts the light's power accordingly. The result is a headlamp that increases battery life, helps preserve night vision and saves a lot of messing around with hard-to-locate buttons when you're on the go. Over the past 12 months, though, Petzl has tinkered with the technology, and managed to package it into two consumer-friendly units—Tikka RXP (shown here) and the Tikka R+—that are 40% lighter and only about half the price of the $175 NAO (a pinnacle piece whose price limits its market appeal). Both the 180-lumen RXP ($85.95) and the 135-lumen R+ ($75.95) come with a USB-rechargeable lithium ion and accept regular AAAs.

Stay tuned for more Future Gear updates from the Outdoor Retailer Show in the coming days.