Future Gear: Glow-in-the-Dark Running Shoes

SKORA's Phase X shoe keeps runners visible—and safe—at night
Staff Writer

For four years, SKORA has been "enabling runners to Run Real" with its laser-like focus on minimal, lightweight, zero-drop shoes. For Fall/Winter 2013, it'll help runners Run Real Bright with the 360-degree reflectivity of the brand-new Phase X. The top-of-the-line sneakers resemble stylish, understated street shoes, until you shine a light—car headlights, say—on them and they glow like a disco ball, thanks to an invisible reflective covering. It's a great, smoothly incorporated safety feature for year-round runners when (sigh) nighttime hours outnumber daylight hours.

Stay tuned for more Future Gear updates from the Outdoor Retailer Show in the coming days.

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