Future Gear: Collapsible Water Filter

Staff Writer
Vapur introduces a fast, light, game-changing water filter

Collapsible water bottle company Vapur (sorry, the "anti-bottle" company), is known for its lightweight, packable bottles. A fine idea in theory, really, but never one I was too jazzed about. With the introduction of an easy-to-use, lightweight filtration system—just fill the bottle with whatever nasty water you happen upon, and it's filtered as you drink from it, no pumping or waiting required—it's suddenly become a super useful, not to mention convenient, backcountry tool. Vapur says the hollow fiber membrane (from SureAqua) filters 99.9% of bacteria, protozoa and organic matter (filthy particulates), making almost anything safe to drink. At 2.4 ounces, and with a lifetime of 1,000 liters, Vapur makes the lofty—and believable—claim that it's the lightest filter of its capacity in the world. $80