Fun Ways to Work Out with Your Mom

Creative ways to work out with your mom (and the whole family) on Mother's Day and throughout the year

Exercise makes a great vehicle for connecting and bonding with your friends, community members and, probably most important of all, your family.

“They say, ‘A family that plays together, stays together,’” said Mary Caroline Craig, a Seattle-based health and fitness coach and creator of Live Alive Fit.

She says fun is the key ingredient to keeping your family fit and active. And when it comes to working out with your mom, both on Mother’s Day and throughout the year, she suggests picking activities and workouts that you both really enjoy.

“Don't just make this a Mother's Day event, but an every day event,” said Fitnet trainer Laurie Maddox. “Encourage your mom and other loved ones to join you in workouts and get fit together.”

Whether you and your mom are on the hunt for new activity ideas, or in the spirit of Mother’s Day you’re about to embark on a new journey to get fit together, the following fun workouts will help inspire you to move more with your mom all year long. 


Family business blogger Daphne Mallory says she loves to play pickleball with her daughter. “There's nothing like it,” she said. “It's tennis, meets table tennis, meets volleyball. At first blush, you think that you won't get a workout, but we leave sweating, and the older adults we play with—some of which are former tennis players—kick our butts, every time.”

Rock Climbing

Courtney Hughes Ph.D., a Chicago-based health and wellness consultant, health care researcher and writer, and mother of three, says that one of the ways her family stays fit together is through rock climbing. “I belay the kids while they climb the wall,” she explained. “It’s great for communication as we strategize what routes to follow and use the standard commands. Sometimes we all hook up to auto belays and race up the wall.”

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