Fresh Gear: Spring 2013 Running

The hottest new shoes, apparel and gear to hit the road running

Spring is officially here, and that means two things (well, three if you count maple syrup, but we digress): warmer, better running weather and manufacturers dropping their freshest gear.

Now, we know there are plenty of winter warriors among you, who couldn’t give a damn if the weather improved. You bundle up in the latest cold-weather tech and pad your way up a snow-covered trail or down a dark, slushy street. The first sign of spring sunshine will see your favorite routes crowded by fair weather runners. Bummer.

But take heart in checking out some of the sweetest gear for the new season—sturdy, lightweight trail shoes; “recovery” tights (you’ll have to see for yourself); performance shades made from plants; healthy (vegan, organic) energy chews that actually taste good; an electronic personal trainer, and shoes that put a spring in your step…no pun intended.

Fair weather runners, this list is for you, too. Welcome back from the treadmill; it’s time to hit the trail.

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