Fresh Gear: Spring 2013 Hiking and Climbing

Lace up or rope up and start climbing higher with this year's gear
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Spring is officially here. Soon the sun will start to loosen winter's icy grip on the high-mountain meadows and rocky crags we love so much, melting it all down into the rivers and valleys below.

The trails will be clear for hiking, streams will be flowing free for drinking water (not for swimming, though—it was frozen not long ago!) and wildflowers will be in bloom beside them. That means it's time to check your hiking and camping gear. Is everything in good shape? Need any new gear, like a zipperless tent, a lightweight backcountry stove or a decent layering system? Good, because we got you covered here.

Likewise, your favorite crags will soon be ice-free, and long hours of sunshine will warm the rock (nice when your fingers don't numb up, isn't it?) for big days of climbing. We've rounded up sporty sunglasses, a feather-light—albeit funny-looking—helmet, a no-fuss rope bag and more.

Click through to the slideshow to check out some of spring's hottest gear.


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