Fresh Gear: GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

Sleeker, sexier and twice as powerful
Staff Writer

Just when you thought Vimeo and YouTube couldn't get any more holy-crap-did-that-just-happen action sports videos, GoPro announces a major upgrade to its ubiquitous hands-free camera, the HD Hero.

Early this morning, GoPro unveiled the HERO3 Black Edition, which is 30 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the current edition, plus twice as powerful. It's pretty on the outside—with more classic, Leica-like styling than its predecessors—but it's what they've stuffed inside that tiny box that really matters.

A 12MP sensor, sharper lens and twice-as-fast processor allow for much higher resolutions at faster speeds: 2.7K at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 60 fps, 1440p at 48 fps, and 720p at 120 fps. High-definition super slo-mo, here we come. The aspherical lens will make for less distorted images, and can shoot 12MP at 30 fps for all those timelapse junkies. Also, the camera has built-in WiFi and includes a control for setting up shots remotely

The HERO3 comes in three models, each at different price points. Besides the top-of-the-line Black ($399), there's also Silver ($299) and White ($199). The cameras are online and in stores today.

Here's a glimpse at the full setup (minus straps and mounts, which are also included), plus the video GoPro released to show off its new, shiny toy:

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