A New Speed Record on Mont Blanc

French duo makes the fastest descent ever—32 minutes. But it was 'too hard', and 'quite risky.'
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French skiers Nicolas Anthonioz and Antoine Montegani have set a new world record for the fastest descent of Mont Blanc. They completed the 8.7-mile route from the summit to a church in the center of Chamonix in just 32 minutes.

On April 25, the skiers and their 18 teammates left Chamonix at midnight to complete the 9-hour ascent to the summit. At 10 a.m., they began to ski down, stopping only when they ran out of snow in a forest near the base of the mountain. They then unlatched their skis and began to run through the trees, trying to find their way back to town as quickly as possible. Many of the skiers became lost in the forest which is, presumably, when Anthonioz and Montegani moved into the lead.

Once back at the road, the team hopped on bikes to ride the rest of the way back to the church—still in their ski boots. Although both athletes reported that they were happy about the new record, Anthonioz seemed disenchanted.

“After today, I don’t want to do it anymore,” he said in the video above. “It’s too hard—the way up—and it’s quite risky. We were very lucky to have no one injured.”

Via EpicTV.

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