Four Exercises for Stand Up Paddlers—And Everyone

Vary your dry-land routine with this workout for stronger thighs, core and back

It should go without saying that a workout for stand-up paddlers is really just a workout. It doesn’t hurt that these exercises happen to be of particular benefit in a sport that requires balance and upper and lower body strength. But our real aim in posting them is to give you a few easy additions for varying your (dry-land) routine.

This clip, courtesy of the instructional video mill that is NRS, demonstrates four exercises you can do at home or in a park with minimal equipment.

Stationary Lunge & Squat Jump Combo: Keep your shoulder, hip and rear knee in alignment when doing this lunge. Your abs should be tight for maximum core engagement. This will work your glutes, hamstrings and quads as well.

The squat jump will help build explosive power in your butt and thighs. Be warned, it’s an intense exercise that can be hard on your knees. Start with fewer reps than instructor Nikki Gregg recommends in the video.

Handstand Pushup Modification: This pushup mod will give your shoulders a real burn. Good for working that paddle, or, you know, just building your upper body.

Burpee: This full-body exercise combines the squat, pushup and jump for an aerobic, fat-burning workout.

Inverted Row: This exercise is normally done with a stationary bar, but Gregg modifies it by wrapping a strap a round a tree—cheaper than a gym membership. Either way this simulated rowing motion works out your upper back and triceps.

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