This Folding Bike Has the Best (and Simplest) Feature Ever

Who knew something as basic as a magnet could change the concept of a folding bike

Folding bikes are not a new technology but anyone who lives in a city can stand by the fact that if you’re planning on making a bike your main mode of transportation, a folding bike is most likely your best bet. Why would a folding bike be more ideal in a city than a standard bike? Well, for one, the storage will be less of a hassle. Also, most cities sprawl out for many, many miles so some places might not be reachable by bike—and then there’s the predicament of surprise storms. Getting a standard non-folding bike on and off a subway or bus can be a huge pain. A folding bike is the best solution when you might be stuck in one of these inconvenient situations.

VELLO folding bikes are a different from other folding bikes. While it’s the same concept, the features and attention to detail set VELLO apart. The bike has 20 inch wheels, which help keep the overall size down. The smaller-than-typical size makes this an ideal choice for a city where the constant stop and go is part of the routine and crowded areas are a given.

Perhaps the most unique aspect is the magnetic shock absorber. The magnet release system and the rear suspension are built in one on the VELLO folding bike for two reasons. First, easy folding—the magnet holds the frame together when in use but quickly releases the back end when it’s time to fold up. This feature allows the bike to be wheeled along where ever you go when you are not riding it, whether it’s down the sidewalk or on a subway. Two: The suspension efficiently absorbs shock from bumpy roads to make for a smoother ride. 

With each VELLO folding bike, there is an identification code that, when registered, will help trace the bike should it be stolen and resold. The folding  bike comes in three models, the VELLO URBANO—designed for a more relaxed ride around the city, the VELLO ROCKY—designed for rougher terrain and the VELLO SPEEDSTER—designed for racing around the city. The speedster bike comes with ten speeds and top racing elements.

VELLO started crowdfunding on Kickstarter and they are now fully funded. You can pre-order one of your VELLO bikes for between $890 and $1,500 depending on the model.