Foldable Helmet Simplifies Urban Cycling Safety

The turtle maximizes space and style for the city rider

If you’ve ever wondered why some people ride without helmets, you’re not alone. The guys at CLOSCA asked that same question and came up with two answers. The first answer was that people didn’t want to be stuck carrying their helmet around after their ride and the second answer was that available helmets didn’t offer much in terms of style.

Their solution is the Turtle, is CLOSCA’s first model of collapsible and customizable helmet made for the urban cyclist. The Turtle meets both American and European safety standards and features a three-part system that folds to less than 50 percent of its initial height in less than one second.

“This volume optimization makes CLOSCA the most efficient foldable system,” the website said. “Our aim is to allow the urban cyclist to forget about the helmet when it is not being used.”

In addition to folding down to a size small enough to fit in most bags, the helmet was made with style in mind. They currently offer six colored covers in two styles and three seperate hand-made designs. They said they plan to expand style options and collaborate with clothing brands, right now their creative designers will work with you to make whatever design you can dream up.

They are currently selling directly to the public from their website, but less than a year ago they were raising funds on Kickstarter. In July 2013, their Kickstarter campaign ended. They surpassed their goal of $45,000 and saw $60,337 pledged by 434 people.

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