The World's Most Awkward Bike?

A German design team gives "hybrid" new meaning

From the beer bikes in Amsterdam to folding bikes, we've seen a lot of bicycle variations over the years. The newest version, called FLIZ, lets "riders" combine running and biking.

The FLIZ was created by a German design team and entered into the competition for the James Dyson Award. The competition invites competitors to “design something that solves a problem,” according to the website.

The designers of the FLIZ claim that the bike has uses for rehabilitation and exercise therapy and that it allows those with "limited movement patterns" to enjoy the mobility of a bicycle. Which really only raises one question: What person with a "limited movement pattern" is first able to strap themself into this contraption and then, basically, run around town?

So while we're not convinced that the FLIZ succeeded in solving any problems (besides how to make yourself into an instant social outcast), it still looks like a fun—albeit really awkward—way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Would you go for a run/ride?