Go X Games with 5 Free Extreme Apps

Find gear, track weather, stream the surf and more

The next stop on the Summer X Games Tour is Munich, Germany starting June 27. Watching these world-class athletes compete in BMX, skateboarding and crazy events like the X Games’ first-ever Mountain Bike Slopestyle competition is definitely a thrill, but why let the pros have all the fun?

These five free extreme apps will get you off the couch this summer without opening your wallet.

A weather app that helps you coordinate the best time to take on your extreme sport of choice. Weendy gathers readings from weather stations and also generates crowdsourced reports from its users to give you the most up-to-date information. The apps tracking of wind patterns is ideal for kiteboarders  and windsurfing.

Know Skateboarding
This app brings the hard won knowledge of professional skateboarders to your fingertips with 22 tutorials that will help you master skateboarding’s most popular tricks. It also acts as a community for die-hards to upload videos, meet like-minded thrashers and follow the pros.

Sports Tracker
A great app for runners and cyclists. It tracks a variety of exercise-related stats such as workout distance, duration and how many calories you burned. It also allows you to share your run time and compete with friends on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Forget rummaging through the clutter on Facebook, this app makes it easy to keep in touch with your adventurous buddies. Hookit is a social media platform for extreme sports enthusiasts. It also taps into google maps to direct you to the nearest parks, trails, mountains and places to shop for the latest extreme sports gear.

This app is for those planning on hitting the surf this summer. It tracks regional tide forecasts bringing you the latest wave heights and wind conditions. You can even live stream surfing conditions to catch the latest breaks and swells.

And, well, if you're not feeling too extreme, you can always just follow along with the real pros during the X Games with the official app from ESPN.