Your First Month at the Gym: What to Expect

The more often you go at the beginning, the less likely you are to stop later. But this is tricky


The hardest part of getting fit is over – you actually started making changes, stuck with them for more than a few days, and lost some weight. Regardless of whether you signed up for a gym membership as a New Year resolution or in the middle of April, the patterns are the same.[slideshow:89707]

Attendance generally decreases as time goes on and the more often you go at the beginning – at least 4 times a week – the less you’re likely to drop out, according to data.

Polls show that people are working out more than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. Myths have been around forever and they are hard to debunk with so much information online.

Realizing that a fitness goal is unachievable is challenging. It takes courage to admit that you were fooled and that you can’t possibly lose 20 lbs. in a week in a healthy way, as many popular magazines guarantee. 

Don’t be intimated once you get to the gym. Don’t get discouraged by the sight of all those fit people there who look like they exercise for a living. They are just like you – working people trying to make time in their busy schedules to get in shape – and they probably started where you are now.

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