The Filthiest Objects at the Gym

Some of these objects may come as a surprise to you


As sanitary as gyms claim to be, the truth is that they contain some of the dirtiest objects. From your sweaty gym bag, to the mat you use in yoga class and the free weights you work out with, some of these objects may come as a surprise to you.

Some gym-goers can be obnoxious, filthy and careless - from spitting in the water fountain and leaving their sweat for the next person, it would be ridiculous to expect gym employees to wipe down every surface after it is used. You should definitely consider wiping them down yourself - before and after use. 

According to a study, gym equipment may often serve as fomites for the transmission of viruses.

Prevent spreading or contracting harmful bacteria. Always wear flip flops in the locker room and showers, bring your own water bottle - never drink out of the fountain, and always wipe down cardio equipment before you use it.


The Filthiest Objects at the Gym


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