Why You’re Having Trouble Losing the Last 10 Pounds

Here are some tricks to help you drop the last 10 pounds


In the beginning, your diet went great. You were eating the rights foods, exercising on a daily basis and you looked forward to stepping on the scale and seeing results. But now that you have had success, you are finding that the last few pounds just won’t drop.[slideshow:85105]

This may be because your resting metabolic rate drops as your weight drops, ultimately causing your weight to plateau. *See: 10 Easy Ways to Kick-Start Your Metabolism Every Morning

It’s important not to get discouraged; weight loss requires determination and consistency. You have already made it this far; don’t give up now.

You may need to make some tweaks in your lifestyle choices. For instance, eating more vegetables, consuming more protein and cutting down on alcohol.


Click here for some simple tricks you can use to help you drop the last 10 pounds


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