Why Yoga Is a More Intense Workout Than You Probably Think

Don't let common misconceptions about this incredible form of exercise deter you from giving it a try


Rachelle Tratt—Yoga is both an opportunity to work out and work "in" for the mind, body and soul. 

When I went to my very first yoga class I had the preconceived notion that we would just sit in meditation and “ohm” together — and man oh man, was I wrong. 

The very first class that I took, and the thousands since, taught me that first and foremost, no yoga class is ever the same, and that each class is different, which pretty much beautifully represents everyday life. 

It takes a strong personality, someone who is up for a challenge and willing to work on themselves; someone willing to be vulnerable and intimate with their mind, body and soul. 

Every time I step onto my mat, I have an opportunity to move with intention, to breathe and create space in my mind so that I can be more embodied and present in my everyday life. 

The beautiful thing is that nowadays you can find and experience all sorts of yoga classes. Some fast, some slow, some in heated rooms, some with hip hop or house music, some rooted in intention and tradition, and some with the intention to just sweat and detox.

What’s most beautiful about it all, is that you get to find and experience the right class for you.

Go, explore, have fun and challenge yourself. Find a teacher and class that you like, find a teacher and class that you don’t like, and look at it as an adventure on the path to learning more about yourself, your body and the world at large. 

Rachelle Tratt is a renowned international yoga instructor and jewelry designer. Rachelle embarked on her yoga crusade in 2007, and since then, has been afforded the opportunity to expand her knowledge and understanding of yoga through her own personal practice, literature, workshops and international teacher trainings. Currently, Rachelle spends her time as a dedicated yoga instructor at various studios throughout the Los Angeles area, as well as teaches at non-profit organizations that tend to children, teens and adults with special needs. In 2013, Rachelle founded The Neshama Project - a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind capsule jewelry collection whose mission is to help support and spread the message of helping others in need. 

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