Never Set These Unrealistic Fitness Goals

Don't sabotage your new healthy lifestyle by making these mistakes


The hardest part about working out is getting started. The second most difficult phase is setting goals. You are sabotaging your fitness routine and setting yourself up to fail without them.

People are different and they struggle with various obstacles to lose weight – personal habits, genetics or work. The key is to set a realistic goal because this is the only way you’re going to stick to it.[slideshow:87221]

“The weirdest goals are ones where people have no idea what it will take to achieve them, and are disappointed when they learn that work will be involved,” Ingrid Wentzel, ACE Personal Trainer & Health Educator, says. “I’ve had women who obsess about the tiniest bit of belly fat, or want to lose 5 pounds when they are already at a healthy weight,” she adds.

Realizing that a fitness goal is unachievable is challenging. It takes courage to admit that you were fooled and that you can’t possibly lose 20 lbs. in a week, in a healthy way as that magazine guaranteed. “On average, a person that is not excessively overweight can expect to lose between half a pound and a pound per week for sustainable weight loss,” Melissa McClusky, Mobile Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, says. “However, please keep in mind that weight loss is not linear, so some weeks may reflect a greater number than that while others may reflect less.”

Signs to be on the lookout for when trying to determine whether your goal is unrealistic include working out really hard but not making any progress, being sore all the time, and putting off going to the gym.

Goals are vital because they keep you moving forward. They should be measurable and very precise, and you should start small with one objective first. “I try to inject a dose of realism: Find out why a goal is important and talk about what it would take to get there,” Wentzel says.

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