Top Fitness Myths Busted

Are you guilty of committing these common fitness crimes?


Sad but true – polls show that people are working out more than ever before but that doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. It turns out that people on both sides of the Atlantic are getting an F grade when it comes to basic healthnutrition and fitness knowledge. Part of the reason is because of myths that have been around forever.

“The most common myth I hear from my clients is ‘I have to do more cardio,’” Christine Lopez, fitness instructor, says. There is a shared misconception that you need to do an hour on the treadmill, or any other piece of equipment, 3-4 times a week to lose weight.”

People also often don’t understand that a healthy lifestyle, including an effective exercise routine, has everything to do with balance. Another widespread fable is that they did not receive a good workout if it wasn’t extremely hard, Nicole Leisen, certified personal trainer, says. A well-rounded training is where people see the best results based on their goals, she adds.

Machines, for example, have their purpose, but they are overrated. “I prefer to use more free weights. They put a load on your body that forces your joints, tendons, and ligaments to be more involved,” Lopez says. Your body has to correct itself and the core has to engage more to move the weight through a pattern. It is safer to use machines when people first start out on their own or are recovering from an injury.

It’s human nature to believe myths. Nobody wants to know the truth, everybody wants a quick fix. However, nothing good will come out of a bad workout program in the long run.

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