The Top 20 Secrets From People Who Never Get Sick

Build your way to a sick-free year

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Everyone in your office is sniffling and sneezing, except that one person who never seems to take a sick day. What is their secret? It could be luck, but odds are the person in question is working hard year-round to build a healthy immune system.

The immune system defends the body from invading organisms and works to protect it from disease, sickness, and other damaging foreign bodies. When the immune system is working properly, all cells, tissues, and organs should be strong enough to fight off infection.

But building a healthy immune system doesn’t happen overnight. You must live a healthy lifestyle, take your vitamins, maintain a healthy PH balance, exercise, and detox regularly.[slideshow:82708]

Did you know “a surprising number and variety of physical problems and diseases can be caused by the problem of foods that are acid-producing after digestion (Trans4mind)?” This is why it’s important to keep a healthy PH balance.

Being exposed to the cold virus is just the beginning. Eventually it can get worse, resulting in the flu or a something more traumatic such as sensorineural hearing loss, pneumonia or Reye Syndrome.

It’s all up to you. If you want to avoid getting sick you need to put in the work to toughen your immune system. Follow these 20 secrets from people who never get sick and build your way to a sick-free year.


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