Tone Your Entire Body in 7 Minutes



This 7-minute bodyweight workout is quick, effective and definitely will leave you dripping in sweat.

First and foremost, special thank you to Gideon Akande for creating this 7-minute masterpiece. This workout is part of his latest workout DVD Riptensity.  I highly recommend Riptensity to anybody who looking to get in great shape by using bodyweight exercises.

I always tell my clients who travel a lot to keep this on them for business trips, vacations or any other time that they cannot be at Xceleration Fitness.

So what is this 7-Minute Shred Set?

7 Movements

1 Minute @ each movement

That’s 1 Round

Rest 1 minute in between rounds and repeat!

The video below is myself and two of my most dedicated clients knocking this out at the Lululemon store in the Village of Rochester Hills.

The movements:

1) Lateral Lunge with Reverse Lunge Skip

2) Inchworm to Push-up

3) Running Foot Fire

4) Squat pulse to reverse lunge

5) Kick through push-up

6) Reverse Lunge to kick

7) Burpee Hip Switch

Chase It!

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