Tips Top Trainers Use to Keep Clients Motivated

Top trainers share the tricks they use to keep their clients motivated


Once you get to the gym, you’re ready to go. You get in your workout and you feel great when finished. The problem for many people is not actually working out but finding the motivation to get up and go.

If you want to meet your fitness goals – lose weight, build muscle or just sustain a healthy mind and body – you need to push yourself, get to the gym and walk in with a positive attitude.

From tracking your progress, to changing it up and joining a group training workout, some of the best top trainers are here to tell you the tips that they use to keep their clients motivated.[slideshow:88791]

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Steve Dempsey, Assistant Manager at Fitness Together says that you can incorporate these tools to help you maintain your motivation by first establishing your baseline and regularly tracking your statistics. “Make it a priority to review and re-visit baseline workouts. While you are tracking your statistics, remember that any improvement is an improvement, no matter how small,” he says.  

You can also incorporate ways to make exercising more fun – work out with someone else. “Set up competition with yourself or with another person; find someone to help you hold yourself accountable,” Dempsey says. This is a great way to motivate yourself; you will have to schedule your gym sessions ahead of time and you can change up your routine by doing partner exercises.

Dempsey also motivates his clients by holding them accountable. However he does understand that there are reasons to miss a session; but “it is imperative to not allow a missed session to become a reason to quit. If you miss a training session, get back on it,” he says.


Tips Top Trainers Use to Keep Clients Motivated


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