Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Are Sick

Stop trying to play doctor and pay attention to the things you shouldn't do

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You’re sneezing, coughing and dealing with a painful migraine. Oh no, you’re getting sick (See: The Top 20 Secrets From People Who Never Get Sick). Stop trying to play doctor and stop stressing yourself out on google researching.  Most likely you have a common cold, or in some cases you may have contracted a virus. Pay attention to your symptoms and see a doctor if you are unsure.

Doubling up on medication may prolong your misery. Your body gets rid of infections on its own and when we take medication we are usually just helping the symptoms, not treating the overall infection.

We want to do everything in our power to feel better, but sometimes we don’t realize that the simplest things can actually be making our illness worse. Everyday things like touching your face and keeping the windows closed instead of open, contribute to our healing process.

When you feel like you’re getting sick, refer to this list to make sure you are not participating in actions that may enhance your symptoms or prolong your illness.


1. Take too much medicine- Your doctor prescribed you with medication to help you get better and should have explained when to take it and how many times a day. If he didn’t, the instructions are usually listed on the container of your medication itself. Exceeding the amount can be dangerous to your health. We all want to get better as fast as possible, but taking too much medicine can actually make things worse.

2. Touch everything- You’re sick, and although it’s hard to remember to watch what you touch, you should become aware to avoid spreading germs. Also make sure you are cleaning your hands with soap and water.

3. Don’t touch your face- We tend to cough and sneeze in our hands. Touching your face after releasing germs on our hands will spread them more.

4. Don’t go to work- If you are sick, or you feel yourself coming down with the cold or flu, stay home. See if your employer will allow you to work from home. This way, you avoid coming to work and spreading your sickness around to your coworkers. (See: 15 Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu in the Worlplace)

5. Don’t suffocate yourself inside- Open the windows in your home and let the fresh air come in. A stuffy environment holds all of the air in, not allowing it to circulate. Fresh air is proven to help improve your blood pressure and heart rate, increase your mood, aid in digestion, clean your lungs and, most of all, strengthen your immune system.

6. Don’t blow your nose too hard- Blowing your nose to hard can cause nasal fluid to enter your sinus cavities which may cause infection.


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