Things Doctors Refuse to Have in Their Homes

Some essential and fun things in your house may be putting you at risk / Shutterstock

Health experts – whether in the ER, general practitioners, ophthalmologists or surgeons – probably have very high tolerance for ghastly scenes and horrific experiences.

Some serious accidents can be caused by everyday items like expired medication and button batteries.[slideshow:83407]

So what are some precarious products even doctors won’t allow in their homes?

“It depends on who lives in the house,” Dr. Boyan Hadjiev, board-certified in Internal Medicine and Allergy and Immunology. “Some items are more dangerous than others when kids are younger than 6 or 7,” he adds.

Microwaves come up a lot in conversations about unhealthy products, but everybody uses them every once in a while. Wild animals are an obvious no-no, but some essential items in your house may be putting you at risk.

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