Things That Are Keeping You Awake

Things that may be keeping you up at night


You’re not alone; we all know that feeling…  Late at night, once you have finally made it to your bed, you’re lying down and your mind just starts racing.[slideshow:81737]

You begin to think about everything that happened that day, everything that is going to happen the following day, all of the day’s troubles and the day’s successes. It feels like the harder you try and fall asleep the longer you are lying in bed awake.

Below is a list of things you may be enduring or doing that are keeping you up at night.




According to “the brain uses the same neurotransmitters for sleep and mood, it's often hard to know which starts first. Stressful situations or events, such as money or marital problems, often kick off insomnia that can become a long-term problem.” Try doing some yoga or meditation before bed, focus on your breathing.


Hormonal Changes


Yes ladies, hormonal changes may be playing a part in why you’re having so much trouble falling asleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 40% of premenopausal women (those who are in their menopausal transition years) have sleep problems. This being said, remember… You are not alone!


Surrounding Noise


Your surroundings play a huge role in the amount of time you sleep per night. Are you having trouble sleeping because it’s noisy outside your window? Maybe you can’t sleep in complete silence.  Here’s a tip, weather you have trouble sleeping because of the noise, or you can’t sleep in silence, I have the perfect solution for you… Just buy a relaxing CD to listen to before bed. Yes, it is actually that simple. Do this to tune out the distracting noise, or add some relaxing music to your prior to bed routine.




Yes, your room temperature really does have an effect on how quickly you fall asleep. We all know those hot summer nights, tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Not being able to fall asleep because it’s so hot. It is proven, people tend to fall asleep faster and sleep better when the room temperature is cooler.


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