Study Shows Top 10 Places to Get Fit in 2017

Are you lucky enough to live here?


Getting in shape is not an easy feat for many people. Eating healthy foods and exercising on regular basis sounds a lot simpler than it is. Factor in busy lives, crazy work schedules, and expensive organic food and a better lifestyle seems unattainable.

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And if that is not enough – ubiquitous fast food tempts the would-be dieter, gyms are often crowded and unappealing, and after a long day at the office it’s hard to muster up the energy to work out. 

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Some parts of the country, however, are more conducive to creating, and maintaining, a healthy and active lifestyle. In its third annual study, SmartAsset has uncovered the top 10 most fitness-friendly places for 2017.

Some of the key highlights from the analysis include:

College towns are great for fitness

Many of the most fitness-friendly places, like Missoula, Ames and Corvallis, are home to major public universities.

Lots of movement

Four of last year’s top 10 areas lost their spots in this year’s study. But most did not fall too far. Boston, for example, fell out of the top 10 but stayed in the top 15.

Fitness-unfriendly South

Nine out of the bottom 10 places are in the South. Metro areas in Texas, Georgia and Alabama all make frequent appearances at the bottom of the list.

The experts looked at data on 295 of the largest metro areas in the country. They considered five metrics – concentration of fitness professionals, concentration of fitness businesses including sporting goods stores, recreation centers and gyms, concentration of fast food restaurants, population who walks or bikes to work, and average hourly wage for personal trainers. 

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