Some Real Truths a First Timer Learns About CrossFit

Reuben Mourad – For a novice, there’s no doubt about it – Crossfit can be scary. It’s a terrifying world of loud grunts, intimidating muscles, and the startling sound of the deafening dropping of weights. I’ve dabbled in Crossfit workouts before, but despite occasional drop-ins and CrossFit style bootcamp classes, I’ve never actually been a member of a CrossFit gym. Despite all my hesitations and fears, I decided to give it a shot.[slideshow:104601]

Thirty days of giving it my all, and being open to whatever was thrown at me. And so, this is what I learned, after a month of sweating it out with the team at Los Angeles box, Brick, one of the country’s leading CrossFit facilities.

At the end how do I feel? While I thought that emotion would consist primarily of exhaustion, it’s actually more of feeling energized and motivated. I’ve honestly learned so much about different training movements and functional fitness.

I had zero experience of Olympic lifting and gymnastics, and the being able to learn the key basics at Brick has been invaluable. A lot of my preconceptions about CrossFit have changed. There was such a commitment to correct form and technique, and the programming was logical and methodical. Every session was a skills lesson, filled with personal coaching.

Seeing Crossfitters of all shapes, sizes, and ages battled the belief that you had to be a muscled up pro athlete to take part, and some of the most inspiration people at CrossFit were those that you’d least expect. The sports team mentality, constant focus on improvement, and dedication to building technique and functional strength are all reasons why I really do hope to continue being involved with CrossFit into the future, and why I’d recommend novices give it a go.

Explain your fears to your local CrossFit box, and I guarantee you, they’ll want you to overcome them and provide you with the tools to succeed and grow as an athlete, regardless of your starting point.

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